‘Not worth it’ Brit who returned from Zante warns others to scrap Greece hols

A Brit holidaymaker who has returned from Zante has warned others not to travel to Greece – saying "It's not worth it".

Jamie Raine, 20, said he and other partygoers were crammed together on beaches and boats when he went to Ionian Islands.

He fears anyone else travelling there could end up causing a spike, with some returning from Zante to have already caused mini pockets of infections.

Airline Tui has also suspected flights there following the spike.

But Jamie, who has 800,000 followers on TikTok, says he now believes holidaymakers are being selfish even going abroad after he returned and tested positive for the virus.

He said: "People need to take this really seriously. I don't think people should go. It's really bad out there.

"Something like this could start a second wave. It really wasn't worth it – I feel dead guilty. It was stupid, really. I guess the message is don't go on holiday and if you have to have a more chilled holiday with no nightclubs."

He and two pals travelled with Jet2.com from Newcastle on August 22 for a £250, four-night break. The warehouse worker says he was shocked by what he saw out there with almost no regard for social distancing.

He attended a boat party where dozens of people were stuck together for hours and says that nightclubs ignored rules about segregating people.

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When they closed at midnight, hundreds of people flocked to nearby beaches to party with little regard for virus transmission.

Jamie had no symptoms but when he came home but he heard that seven other friends who had returned from the island before him and all lived in County Durham had contracted the virus.

He took an NHS test expecting it to be negative, but to his horror it came back positive. Bizarrely, the two friends he travelled with were not infected.

Mum Julie Raine, 50, and stepdad Thomas Brown, 51, are having to bring him food on a tray that is left outside his bedroom door.

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"Just a few people coming back from Zante with it could spark an entire county getting shut down here," Jamie said.

"It's just not safe. My advice would be to anyone coming back from there to get a test just in case. If I didn't know I had it, I could be walking about now with Coronavirus."

He even contacted people he met on holiday and told them he had the virus – with several coming back to say they too had tested positive after falling ill.

Jamie is losing money as he can't work at his usual job as a warehouseman at Stanley, Black & Decker, while his mum and stepdad have also had to take two weeks off to quarantine.

The family can only communicate through FaceTime and Jamie is terrified of infecting his nan.

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