Now Just Stop Oil disrupt the Chelsea Flower Show

Now Just Stop Oil disrupt the Chelsea Flower Show: Eco zealots cover exhibit in orange paint in latest stunt

  • Just Stop Oil have sprayed paint at the Chelsea Flower Show
  • Police say three people have been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage 

Three Just Stop Oil activists have been arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage after they staged a protest at the Chelsea Flower Show and drenched an exhibit in orange paint. 

It is the latest stunt the eco-zealots have inflicted on London this morning following three slow marches through Haymarket, Knightsbridge and Regent Street. 

At around 9am, the three women stepped over the rope barrier at the show and walked into the middle of the garden designed by Paul Hervey-Brookes, and threw the contents of several packets of orange powder paint across the flowers and hard landscaping. 

One of them said ‘What use is a garden if you can’t eat?’ before were confronted by security staff and dragged away by police who later confirmed the three had been arrested.

The Metropolitan Police Events Twitter account tweeted: ‘Officers responded to an incident at #ChelseaFlowerShow this morning.

Three Just Stop Oil activists have been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage

The Metropolitan Police are currently at the incident in London this morning

‘Three people were arrested at the scene on suspicion of criminal damage in connection with a #JSO protest. Enquiries are ongoing.’

Elsewhere today, bungling police officers were filmed appearing to mistake a group of innocent park runners for Just Stop Oil members ‘because they were wearing orange’ – while the real eco-cult caused carnage. 

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In a short video, an embarrassed police officer is filmed looking bashful as he sidles away from a group of three confused runners dressed in orange shirts. 

When questioned by the person filming the scene as to why he and his colleagues sprung into action and whether he thought they were activists, the officer replies: ‘Anything orange, but I’m sure if you were sensible in Just Stop Oil you wouldn’t wear orange.’

Meanwhile in the city, enraged motorists rowed and pleaded with the pious activists and begged them to clear the road and let them get to work. 

In one short clip from the scene, a workman edges closer to the group’s illegal roadblock and demands that they ‘get the camera out of his face’ and ‘get off the f****** road.’

In another an elderly woman was filmed trying to block a van single handedly, which was edging closer and closer towards her. 

Sensing her fellow activist was in danger, another woman was seen approaching the van to ‘deescalate’ the situation. 

Officers appeared to question a group of park runners today thinking they were Just Stop Oil

An officer was later filmed looking embarrassed and blaming their orange shirts

Just Stop Oil have embarked on yet another Central London slow march enraging motorists 

A lone activist tries to block off a van while her colleague speaks to the irate driver

A workman can be seen swearing and edging closer towards the activists at today’s protest

Large protests took place today in Haymarket, Knightsbridge and Regent Street

It’s not the first time this week that tensions between commuters and the group reached tipping point.  

On Tuesday an angry worker took matters into his own hands by trying to throw activists off the road as they slow marched through central London during the morning rush-hour.

Around 45 demonstrators in three groups slow marched across Blackfriars Bridge, London Bridge and Tower Bridge on Tuesday.

One man held up in traffic became so frustrated that he pushed a protester on to the ground and ripped banners out of activists’ hands as they walked across Blackfriars Bridge. 

In the tense moment caught on camera, a waste management van can be heard continuously beeping its horn as the chaos unfolds. 

Two police officers, who are escorting the group, then intervene and grapple with the member of the public, who is handcuffed against the side of the van. 

During the struggle, the officer says: ‘You are f*****g assaulting people’.

Police went on to confirm that they temporarily detained but did not arrest the man.  

Police grapple with a commuter on Tuesday after he was seen trying to remove Just Stop Oil activists from the road

Tuesday’s protest descended into chaos when an angry commuter took matters into his own hands – and police swooped in and detained him

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