Number of Manitobans receiving medical assistance in death on the rise, statistics show

The number of Manitobans receiving a medical assistance in death (MAiD) has skyrocketed in recent years, according to numbers obtained by Global News.

When medically-assisted death first became legal in 2016, 42 people requested the service and 24 received it. That number rose in 2017, when 142 people requested MAiD and 63 people received it.

Those numbers almost doubled in 2018, when 239 requested and 138 received. Last year, 313 people asked for a medically-assisted death, and 177 people received it.

A spokesperson for Shared Health also notes that in the past four years, only 33 formal requests for medically-assisted deaths were denied or deemed ineligible.

In many cases, patients choose not to proceed or withdraw their applications.

The federal government is set to amend the criteria for medically-assisted deaths in February. They also recently put out an online survey on medically-assisted death, which saw nearly 300,000 people participate.

In Canada, medically-assisted death is currently available to eligible patients who wish to voluntarily end their life due to serious and incurable medical or health reasons.

They must also meet a variety of other criteria, including being at least 18 years old and capable of making health decisions, be in a state of decline that cannot be reversed, have made a voluntary request, and be at a point where natural death has become reasonably foreseeable.

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