Nursery worker flings girl, 3, so hard into cabinet her forehead splits open

A three-year-old girl’s forehead was split open when she was flung across a room and into a cabinet by a nursery worker – who told her parents she fell.

The distraught child can be seen bursting into tears and holds her bleeding head, in shocking CCTV from inside the playroom.

The tot was taken by ambulance and spent three days at the hospital recovering, but needs plastic surgery on the deep cut.

Shockingly her parents were told the little girl "fell" on a report written by the worker at the nursery, in Missouri, USA.

They demanded to see the CCTV footage, unable to understand how her injury could have been so severe.

According to ABC News, the director of the Brighter Daycare and Preschool viewed the tape with the parents five days after the incident and immediately fired the employee.

The family’s lawyer, Jennifer Hansen said: "They did their research, they went to a daycare that they thought was safe and they left their child with people they paid to keep them from harm.

"They couldn’t have foreseen that a day care worker could do what they did to their daughter.

"The reason that they’ve come forward is because they are concerned that what happened to their daughter could very well happen to any other child."

Ms Hansen added: "The family requested they look at the surveillance video because they had trouble understanding how their daughter could sustain such a severe injury as a result of a fall.

"They only then learned that what had been called a ‘fall’ was actually an assault."

Sgt Kevin Smith of the North County Police Cooperative told ABC News that while reviewing the video of the incident, police discovered a second incident where a different child at the day care center was injured by a worker.

He said that in the other incident, a worker grabbed the child by the arm so hard that the employee’s fingernails punctured the child’s skin and left bruising.

He said both incidents remain under investigation and police plan to present evidence within two weeks to the St Louis County Prosecuting Attorney, who will decide whether to file criminal charges against both employees.

Both workers were sacked and no longer work at the nursery.

The family has removed their daughter and son from the facility.

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