NYC crime surge thanks to riots, police reform: retired NYPD detective

New York City has deteriorated into a lawless state of crime thanks to recent “riots,” budget cuts and police reform, a retired NYPD detective said — challenging Mayor de Blasio’s frequent explanation that COVID-19 is to blame.

Pat Brosnan, the CEO and co-founder of national security and intelligence firm Brosnan Risk Consultants, said the coronavirus pandemic is only part of the problem plaguing the Big Apple.

“It’s a convenient narrative to lay the blame on the doorstep of COVID. Granted, COVID is a contributing factor, there is no doubt about it,” he told Fox News on Monday.

“But, riots for fun and profit, a desecrated police department in both morale and operationally, and a completely destructive and destructed rule of law relative to the adherence to it are the main drivers here — they’re the catalysts. COVID is just a first cousin that was a cause and effect.”

New York City has been rocked by unprecedented crime — including shootings, homicides and violent subway shovings — this year amid the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement and efforts to defund the police.

This summer, the City Council slashed NYPD’s budget by $1 billion and a series of police reforms were passed by both the city council and state legislature.

De Blasio, meanwhile, has repeatedly blamed the troubling spike in crime on the “perfect storm” caused by COVID-19 shutdowns.

“People were out of work, kids weren’t going to school, houses of worship are shut down — a lot of things that we depend on to keep people safe and stable weren’t there,” Hizzoner said last Tuesday. “And, of course, NYPD went through so much, including so many members of the NYPD who were sick with the coronavirus for months.”

But Brosnan said New York City is also facing the same “common denominator” as other cities facing similar crime waves.

“A law that is not enforced is not a law and until that changes, until that equation changes and crime becomes illegal, we will see skyrocketing gun violence straight across all of our major cities,” he said.

He also noted the “diminishment and demeaning of police morale” and the act of “de-arresting, where someone is lawfully placed under arrest for probable cause and then they are de-arrested because police commanders, under pressure from politicians, under pressure from the media, are saying certain crimes are no longer illegal so people get a free pass.”

He concluded, “We have commercial burglaries up in New York City, 42 percent. Car thefts, 66 percent. A lot of this is directly related to COVID, right, there is a lot more homeless, a lot more emotionally disturbed folks. But the reality is this free-for-all sense that there is no sanction, there is no penalty. It is all carrot and no stick.”

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