NY’s Dyker Heights spread yuletide cheer with massive decorations

Is this the most festive neighborhood in America? 25ft nutcrackers, light shows, a massive moving Santa and the NYPD on patrol – New York’s Dyker Heights spreads A LOT of yuletide cheer

  • Dyker Heights in Brooklyn is a typically unassuming neighborhood- that is until Christmas rolls around and the neighbors put on the best displays around
  • The tradition started with resident Lucy Spata in the 1980s when she first went all out on her home in honor of her late mother
  • Not all of her neighbors loved the idea, but as the years went on more joined in
  • Now the Dyker Heights community has become a Christmas winter wonderland destination for over 100,000 revelers annually 

Dyker Heights in Brooklyn New York rolls out some of the very best elaborately decorated homes for Christmas, turning an otherwise ordinary neighborhood into a winter wonderland.  

Every year on Thanksgiving Day, residents start decorating their homes, with each one trying to out-do the next with jaw dropping, fantastic displays.

Some homes boast up to 30,000 lights, 25-foot tall nutcrackers and larger than life talking Santas. 

In 2010, Lucy’s husband Angelo gifted her the two 25-foot tall toy soldiers which were delivered on a flat bed truck. 

Now, the otherwise quiet tiny Italian enclave sees over 100,000 visitors a year.

The NYPD is even on patrol just to make sure everyone enjoys the festivities safely.  

There are even bus tours with ‘A Slice of Brooklyn’ that will take you down the most spectacular blocks, while the bus plays Christmas movies and gives out candy canes. 

The displays usually stay up until January 4 or 5.

The blocks that have the most lights are from 11th to 13th Avenues and from 83rd to 86th Streets.

Some houses are so loaded with decorations that its nearly impossible to fit all of the Christmas eye candy into one shot

This is the home that started it all, with Lucy Spata who began doing her decorations in the 1980s 

Those toy soldiers are 25-feet tall and are surrounded by a dazzling light display 

Taking a step back you get a better idea of just how many ornaments are covering the home

This home didn’t stop at the gorgeous light works, they made sure to have a larger than life Santa greeting the neighborhood 

Hark the herald angels sing! This tastefully done home has a symmetrical appeal 

Again, as you go further from the home you get a better idea on the scope of the lights and decorations. Just before you meet the angels you have two large snowmen 

Merry Christmas: Loads of lights blanket this family’s front garden with candy canes, presents

Massive Frosty the Snowman head peers out onto the street while Santa waves at revelers

Merry and bright: This home went with the tasteful light display with large wreaths and well placed snowflakes all about the exterior 

A lit up horse for the holidays to go with a blue hued tree, because its Christmas so why not?

This home utilized blow up decorations alongside the traditional toy soldiers 

A massive snow globe next to a manger scene just screams Christmas time

JOY! This sign gets plenty of attention from the eager social media crowd ready for a picture perfect snap

Even though the lights aren’t on in the middle- the home is still decked out like their neighbors  

The festive tradition has been going on since the mid-1980s when a resident named Lucy Spata, now 58-years-old, started her own over-the-top decorating to spread the yuletide cheer.

She said it initially started in honor of her late mother, who loved Christmas decorations. 

Initially, Lucy’s neighbors weren’t thrilled with the spectacle.  

However, she persisted, and as the years went on, more and more residents joined in in the spirit of spreading merriment and wonder to all who stroll the blocks.    

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Massive Santa teddy bears flank the sides of the lawn at this done up lawn in Dyker Heights 

Stunning: The twinkling lights adorning this home’s trees give a fairyland effect 

For a little more kid-type fun this resident packed the front yard with massive inflatable decorations 

Red and green lights everywhere lining this block, which makes you wonder if the neighbors coordinated for just the right effect 

Massive trees require massive lights! Someone had to climb a ladder to get these trees decorated just right 

Christmas carolers, a manger scene and candy canes… look closely, there is an angel atop the home 

No room, no problem! This resident crammed in decorations fully despite not having a lot of runway to work with 

Simple yet effective: This resident went for big bulbs to border off their front lawn areas

Winter wonders: This home is beautifully decorated in blue hues just perfect to stand out among the more frenzied decors 

Classic decor for a lovely multiple family home in Dyker Heights 



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