Octopus that predicted Japan’s World Cup fate gets sent to dinner table

An octopus that correctly predicted all of Japan’s World Cup results has gone from psychic to sushi – thanks to a fisherman who thought the creature would be more profitable to him as a meal.

Kimio Abe caught the eight-armed clairvoyant, which he named Rabio, June 19 and kept it in a round plastic pool containing three boxes, according to Japan’s daily newspaper The Mainichi.

The boxes, which were baited with food, were made to represent Japan, its World Cup opponent and a draw.

Rabio would make its prediction by moving toward the box it thought was the likely result – and correctly picked Japan to win against Colombia, draw with Senegal and lose to Poland in the group stage.

But the psychic cephalopod didn’t get a chance to predict Japan’s heartbreaking 3-2 loss to Belgium in the Round of 16 Monday.

Abe sold Rabio off to the market ahead of the Poland game.

The 51-year-old fisherman, however, caught another octopus – which he named Rabio Jr. – to make its pick for the Japan-Belgium match.

The 11-pound replacement incorrectly chose Japan to win. 

“It’s such an honor that the octopi of Obira have been recognized by many people through their fortunetelling abilities,” Abe told The Mainichi. “I hope they will come and enjoy our seafood.”

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