‘Oh my God – it’s a fortune!’ – Lottery winners shocked as prize cheque unveiled

Five lucky neighbours scooped £375,000 each and hundreds more won cash prizes as a single postcode shared £4.1million playing People's Postcode Lottery.

Ticket holders in Horley pocketed the huge windfall after their postcode RH6 7LZ was selected as a winner in the bumper Postcode Millions draw.

One of the lucky residents with the full winning postcode was 52-year-old Andrew Scott, who learned how much he had won via a video call with lottery ambassador Jeff Brazier.

Andrew was joined on the call by his wife Donna whom he met in school (pictured below). As a cheque with the prize amount was revealed he pumped his fist and exclaimed: “Yes! That is quality. Absolute quality! I’ve been thinking about my retirement, it’ll be a lot earlier!"

Donna teared up on seeing the total and added: “Oh my God! That is amazing.

“When you do the lottery you never think it will be you who will win it. It is amazing. We’re due to go to Florida at the end of the year, if we can get there. I’m sure there will be some treats and extra special things there.”

Another winning couple were grandparents-of-six Paul and Debs Harrington.

Thrilled Debs, who works with the Children’s Trust supporting children who have brain injuries, said she may be able to retire early thanks to the win: “I work the nights which are 12 and half hour shifts. I love the work, but I’ve just cut my night shifts down, so maybe now I might be able to retire a bit early or cut the night shifts down a little more.”

Paul added: “I feel very happy for my wife. She deserves it more than me!”

The other winners in the full winning postcode chose to remain anonymous but their prizes will be paid into their bank accounts.

The remaining players in the winning sector took home prizes ranging from £5,082 up to £15,246, depending on the amount of tickets played with.

People’s Postcode Lottery ambassador Jeff Brazier sent his well-wishes to all the winners. He said: “I couldn’t be happier for them. You can really see what this win means for them.

“I hope our winners enjoy the cash and get to treat themselves with their winnings.”

People’s Postcode Lottery costs £10 a month to play and there are guaranteed winners every day. People play with their chosen postcode and are automatically entered into all draws.

It’s not just players who win with People’s Postcode Lottery – good causes win too. With a minimum of 33% from each ticket going to charity, players have raised more than £750million for over 9,000 charities and good causes.

Local causes close to the winners have also benefitted from player support. Last year, Young Epilepsy received £20,000 to renovate an outdoor learning site for young people with epilepsy and local community groups.

This Postcode Millions draw was promoted on behalf of Postcode Earth Trust which benefits organisations that support the natural, creative and built environment through activities that promote awareness and understanding. Good causes that benefit from the trust include Canal & River Trust, Keep Britain Tidy and Friends of the Earth.

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