Ohio pastor threatens to sue NFL over ‘lewd’ Super Bowl 2020 halftime show

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira‘s high-energy Super Bowl halftime show has garnered much praise, but not from one Ohio pastor who wants to sue the NFL over it.

The performance showcased Shakira and Lopez’s incredible talent and political takes, featuring hit songs like Hips Don’t Lie and On the Floor.

Dave Daubenmire (a.k.a. “Coach Dave”) is a well-known right-wing pastor and football coach, and on Feb. 6, he penned a scathing blog post for website News With Views about the halftime show, calling it “lewd,” pornographic “sewage.”

“The NFL pumped porn into our homes. They didn’t tell us that they were going to do it. They put no warning on the screen before J. Lo started her strip-club act,” he writes.

“The consciences of millions of innocent children were violated without warning. We turned in to watch the pigskin and as a bonus got a trip to the pigpen. They violated the sanctity of our homes without our approval.”

Daubenmire goes on to call for the suing of the NFL, Fox, Pepsi and local cable companies in an effort to “stand up and protect the innocent.”

“This is not a free-speech issue. J. Lo and her gaggle of exhibitionists have no right to come into my home uninvited,” the post continues. “They pumped lewd videos into our homes without proper notification.

“There was no chance to protect the young eyes gathered around the family tube. I went to a football game and an orgy broke out.”

Daubenmire first shared his opinion of the show on Monday in a Facebook video, saying he was searching for a lawyer or judge who would help him launch a class-action lawsuit over the “debauchery of last night’s Super Bowl halftime.”

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