Old Navy’s headquarters reportedly has a running ticker of customer feedback on display

  • Old Navy employees at the company’s headquarters in San Francisco are greeted daily with a LED chyron ticker of customer feedback, according to a Fortune report. Positive statements are featured in blue, while negative comments are featured in red.
  • The screen was part of an effort to gauge consumer sentiment in real time, implemented last year by CEO Sonia Syngal, Fortune reported. 
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Walking into work to a large screen filled with real-time customer complaints may not sound like an ideal way to start the day, but for some Old Navy employees, it’s their daily reality. 

According to Fortune, an LED chyron ticker was installed behind reception at the brand’s headquarters in San Francisco last year as part of an effort by CEO Sonia Syngal to keep a real-time pulse on consumer sentiment. The comments are culled from Old Navy’s various social media feeds, the article states. 

However, it’s not all bad. In addition to comments like “The lines are way too long & your customer service reps are not helpful at all,” the screen also features positive commentary. Compliments like “Best jeans I have ever owned” appear in blue, while quips like “If I get served one more Old Navy ad on YouTube …” appear in red. 

Ultimately, the “whole light show of recrimination and adulation is designed to keep the brand attuned to its shoppers,” Fortune reporter Phil Wahba wrote.

Old Navy is preparing to spin off from parent company Gap Inc. in the coming months. 

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