OldHeadshotDay: Sean Hayes, Kathy Griffin, more celebs share throwback pics

There’s no better time than Thursday for a throwback (and Friday for a flashback), and this week’s got a special theme: #OldHeadshotDay.

Celebs dug into their archives to pull photos from the very beginnings of their careers, sharing the headshots that helped land them where they are today — or at least saved them from having to wait tables.

“Deal with it jealous bitches,” comedian Kathy Griffin captioned her black and white photo, while 13 Reasons Why mom Kate Walsh said of her “circa 1998” headshot, “just me… leaning longingly in a doorway, [lips] parted, eyes saying ‘please f—ing hire me so I can stop waitressing.’”

Good Wife alum Josh Charles summed up his childhood headshot collage with three simple letters: “WTF”

See Griffin, Walsh, and Charles’ headshots below, as well as those for Sean Hayes, Margo Martindale, Retta, Dane DeHaan, and more.

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