OnlyFans mum whose kids were expelled shares steamy pic that ‘started it all’

An OnlyFans model whose children were expelled from school has shared the picture which ignited the controversy.

Crystal Jackson, 44, from Sacramento in northern California, the US, starting sharing pics in 2019 and quickly became one of the site's most successful stars – earning around £110,000 every month.

However, her popularity triggered a local backlash in July last year.

A group of parents at the Catholic Sacred Heart Parish School discovered Crystal’s online identity – “Tiffany Poindexter” – and began a campaign against her.

At one point, the group of mums sent anonymous packages to the school’s headteacher, as well as the local bishop, containing print-outs of some of her photos.

Crystal this week told CBS13 Sacramento her three children had been expelled.

On Monday, February 22, she posted the picture that “started it all” on Instagram.

In it, Crystal is seen posing in underwear and a bra as she gazes into the camera.

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Social media user have offered the beleaguered mum support and criticised the parents who got her kids kicked out.

One said: “Do you Mrs Poindexter!! They are just mad cause they can't make 150k a month!”

Another commented: “Jealous people with too much time on their hands… you do you.”

A third simply added: “Lordy! Your beautiful! [sic]

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In an email obtained by CBS, the school’s principal Theresa Sparks told Crystal: “Your apparent quest for high profile controversy in support of your adult website is in direct conflict with what we hope to impart to our students.”

“We, therefore, require that you find another school for your children and have no further association with ours.”

Husband Chris helps Crystal take pictures when the kids are busy or asleep, and she answers messages from fans early in the morning.

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He earlier said: “It’s a pretty tame account. I think they have this misconception that she must be making sex tapes but there’s nothing like that.”

Crystal intends to keep her OnlyFans page running and send her kids to a different Catholic school.

Describing their reaction, she earlier said: “Our youngest didn't understand why he couldn't continue to go to school – we had to explain that we are all not allowed back, which was heartbreaking.

“Our children still have work in their desks and homework they needed to hand in – it's just awful.

“It is not the children's fault – what we do has nothing to do with them.

“Do you punish kids for the sins of their parents? If a parent commits a crime does their child get kicked out of school? No, they don't. We haven't even committed a crime!”

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