Oprah's Harry and Meghan TV interview loses out at Emmys to food show

Meghan and Harry’s explosive TV interview with Oprah loses out at Emmys to Stanley Tucci’s travel and food show

  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s March bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey had been nominated for an Emmy
  • The tell-all interview, in which Meghan confessed she felt suicidal after dealing with the stress of the royal lifestyle, lost to a series about Italian cuisine 
  • Meghan’s claims against the royals sparkled controversy, after she accused a member of the royal family to have made comments about Archie’s skin-color

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s explosive TV interview with Oprah Winfrey lost out at the Emmy Awards on Sunday to a series about Italian food and culture.

Winfrey’s two-hour sit-down with Harry and Meghan in March sent shock waves through the British monarchy when Meghan accused Britain´s royal family of raising concerns about how dark the skin of the couple’s first child would be, and said the stress of life as a royal newlywed had pushed her to the brink of suicide.

On July 14, it was confirmed that Oprah’s interview with the royals was competing against Stanley Tucci: Searching For Italy and My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman in the best hosted nonfiction series category.

Winfrey and her team were nominated for an Emmy – U.S. television’s top honor – but were beaten by actor Stanley Tucci’s food show.

The tell-all interview, in which Meghan confessed considering suicide while pregnant with Archie, had been nominated to an Emmi in the best hosted nonfiction series category but were beaten by actor Stanley Tucci’s ‘Searching for Italy’

The Duke and duchess, who welcomed their second child Lilibeth on 4 June, did not attend Sunday’s low-key ceremony for creative arts, which precedes the main 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards show on September 19.

The interview was the couple’s first address to the media after their decision in early 2020 to quit their royal duties and move to California and was watched by more than 49 million people worldwide in the first three days, broadcaster CBS television said.

Harry and Meghan’s interview sent shock waves around the world as the couple laid bare the extent of their rift with the Firm.

In the interview, Prince Harry claimed the royal family had stopped supporting him financially 

They accused an unnamed Royal Family member of racism, suggesting the relative had asked ‘how dark’ their son would be; said they had been driven out of Britain, in part, by racism; and accused the Palace machinery of failing to support a ‘suicidal’ Meghan.

Harry revealed an astonishing rift with his father, saying his family had cut him off financially while suggesting the Queen had been badly advised and had cancelled a meeting scheduled at Sandringham.

Meghan also accused her sister-in-law Kate of making her cry; suggested senior royals plotted to ensure Archie would never have a title or adequate security; and said officials had failed to stand up for the couple against ‘racist’ commentary, while lying to protect other royals.

The nomination announcement came just after a royal historian claimed Prince Harry is ready to admit he’s made mistakes out of ‘sheer temper’ since quitting as a frontline royal but Meghan is ‘sticking to her guns’ and Prince William believes he’s done nothing wrong.

The Duke of Cambridge, 39, and the Duke of Sussex, 36, have been separated by a rift that began in March 2019 when William reportedly threw Harry and Meghan out of Kensington Palace over the alleged bullying of staff, with the Sussexes breaking up their joint foundation and setting up a new office at Buckingham Palace.

The claims emerged in Robert Lacey’s book Battle of Brothers, published before Harry and Meghan went on Oprah to accuse the Royal Family of racism and claim they were abandoned when the Duchess of Sussex was suicidal and six months pregnant.

Speaking to Newsweek Mr Lacey said he believes that Harry is the only one who may be ready to admit mistakes and contrition for his behavior over the past two years – but claims it may not be reciprocated because William and Kate may feel ‘vindicated’ in having doubts about Harry’s relationship.

In the Oprah interview, Harry made reference to his relation with William (pictured together in March 2020) amid reports the brothers had fallen out in the wake of Megxit 

He said: ‘On one side we’ve got William who doesn’t seem prepared to concede anything and on the other side friends have told me that Harry wouldn’t mind reconciling and then it’s Meghan who is sticking to her guns on this issue.

‘It should surely be possible for both sides to say the past is in the past. It’s very regrettable that Meghan doesn’t withdraw just a little. Why can’t she say it was the pressure? ‘I was getting used to this incredibly complicated system, I was just pregnant, I couldn’t sleep’….’Perhaps in retrospect I went over the top about it’.’ 

In the Oprah interview, Harry made reference to his relation with William amid reports the brothers had fallen out in the wake of Megxit.

Prince Harry told the talk show host: ‘As I’ve said before, I love William to bits. He’s my brother. We’ve been through hell together. I mean, we have a shared experience. But we’re on different paths.’

‘Kate made me cry’ to the Wimbledon pictures that ‘weren’t as they seemed’: Sussexes’ claims about Cambridges during Oprah Winfrey interview

Row that ‘made Meghan cry’

Reports circulated ahead of the Sussexes’ nuptials that Meghan left Kate in tears at Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress fitting.

But Meghan told Oprah the ‘reverse happened’.

Meghan said she was not sharing the information to be ‘disparaging’, but added it was ‘really important for people to understand the truth’.

‘She’s a good person,’ the duchess added.

Wimbledon photos ‘not as they seemed’

Meghan also gave more details about her strained relationship with Kate.

She was asked about a memorable joint-outing to Wimbledon, where the pair put on a united front and were pictured laughing together.

During the interview she appeared to cast doubt on the authenticity of that seemingly affable appearance, saying: ‘Nothing is what it looks like’.

‘Waity Katie’ jibe ‘not the same as racism’

Meghan said her treatment by the press cannot be compared to Kate being called ‘Waity Katie’ because it is ‘not the same as racism’.

The Duchess of Sussex said she believed she had been singled out because she was ‘not just British’. She said: ‘I think the volume of what was coming in and the interest was greater because of social media, because of the fact that I was not just British…

‘If they can compare what the experience that I went through was similar to what has been shared with us, Kate was called Waity Katie, waiting to marry William.

‘While I imagine that was hard, and I do, I can’t picture what that felt like, this is not the same.’

Harry: ‘Trapped’ William and I ‘on different paths’

When asked about if he remains close to William he replied: ‘I love William to bits. He’s my brother.

‘We’ve been through hell together. I mean, we have a shared experience. But we’re on different paths’.


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