Outrage at German university workshop teaching women how to masturbate

Outrage over college workshop teaching women how to masturbate at German university where students are required to bring along a towel, lubricant and a hand mirror

  • The event is taking place during at University of Bielefeld’s student action week
  • There will be a practical as well as a theoretical element to the workshop
  • Conservative students at the university have questioned the €250 cost event

A row has broken out among students at a German university over a masturbation workshop for women.

The event is being held by a group of students at the University of Bielefeld and aims at introducing women to masturbation.

The course has a theoretical and a practical part in which various techniques will be tested with participants urged to bring along a hand mirror, towel and lubricant, Welt reported.

The workshop is taking place during the Action Week of the General Student Committee at the University of Bielefeld (pictured)

On the Facebook page for the event, the organisers it is a means of ‘enlightenment’ and ’empowerment’ 

The workshop is being held as part of Action Week of the General Student Committee (AStA), and is part of series of events themed: ‘Society. Makes. Gender’ with a budget of €250 set aside for it.

According to the organisers’ Facebook page. the masturbation workshop ‘serves as a means of enlightenment, as well as empowerment’ and is already sold out.

But the event has run into controversy, with the student wing of the conservative Christian Democratic Party, the RCDS, questioning whether student union funds should be used to for it.

‘We want to know what the costs of the event are and whether semester contributions from students will be used for this purpose,’ asks RCDS Chair Kathrin Krause,

The university management has said because the event is run by student it has no influence over the content of the workshop.

‘The event is not a university, and the university does not evaluate the content of student events,’ it said in a statement.


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