Overtaking driver loses control and smashes into another car

Overtaking driver loses control and smashes into the side of a people carrier at 65mph – overturning his own car as both vehicles spin off the road

  • Shocking footage shows two cars colliding in a smash on the A1 in Grantham
  • A Ford can be seen moving past the other vehicle before they crash into a verge
  • Jonathan Fletcher, who recorded the clip, described the drivers as ‘a pair of fools with road rage’

An overtaking manoeuvre ended in disaster when two cars smashed into each other on the A1.

Horrifying dashcam footage shows a silver Ford overtaking a Citroën Picasso as they travel down the carriageway between Grantham and Colsterworth in Lincolnshire, before they collide.

The two cars travel neck and neck, before the Ford driver appears to lose control and swerves dangerously across its lane.

The Ford appeared to lose control as it went to overtake the other car on the A1 in Lincolnshire

It then smashes into the Citroën, sending both cars flying off the road and onto the grassy verge.

As they tear through the grass alongside the road, the cars hurl dirt into the air before the Ford is flipped over.

Jonathan Fletcher, who was recording the clip on his dashcam, wrote: ‘A pair of fools with road rage end up colliding and crashing their vehicles into each other’. 

His footage shows he was travelling at around 65mph when the cars collided in the smash. 

The silver car then smashed into the Picasso, sending both vehicles veering off the road

At the end of the dashcam footage, the Ford can be seen flipping over after the shocking collision

Mr Fletcher told LincolnshireLive: ‘One of them spun out of control and they both went into the verge and one of the cars overturned, I pulled into the lay by straight away and got on the phone to the police and ambulance.

‘I just couldn’t believe what I had seen.’ 

‘Luckily everyone was fine, there was a child in one of the cars as well.’

Lincolnshire Police said the collision happened yesterday at 1.45pm and there were no reported injuries. They also received a third-party accusation of road rage, which might be subject to investigation.

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