Owner of failed BBQ restaurant allegedly assaulted by former employees

A beef over a barbecue business led to a real holiday bash for one couple, a lawsuit alleges.

Edward Song, one-time owner of a Korilla BBQ, which closed in 2016, charges he and his companion, Esther Choi, were assaulted on the morning of Jan. 1, 2018 in a “gang style melee” by two of his former employees “and up to five others,” according to court papers.

Song and Choi claim Stephan Park, 34, and Paul Lee, 33, have been stalking them after a business dispute stemming from the failed restaurant.

The bad blood boiled over a year ago when Park and Lee allegedly spied social media shots of the couple at a party.

The two men allegedly “sent threatening messages to the couple” and then waited for the pair with their cohorts outside the Lower Manhattan house party, Song and Choi, 33, claim in court papers.

It’s not the first legal salvo sent among the group: Park and Lee filed their own 2017 lawsuit against Song and Choi, claiming the couple owed them money.

“You don’t beat somebody up because you believe they owe you money,” Song and Choi’s attorney Kevin O’Donoghue, told The Post.

Song and Choi want $250,000 damages from each of the men, who were both arrested in the incident. Lee, who pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, declined comment. Park, whose case was sealed, did not return messages.

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