Paedo beast chilling confession to killing girls ‘shredded’ to death with knife

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A convicted paedophile killer admitted murdering two underage girls whose horrified mother said they were "shredded" to death with a knife.

Twisted maniac Vitaly Molchanov was arrested this weekend over the murders of Elena and Nana Saprunova, eight and 13, the daughters of his nurse girlfriend Valentina Saprunova, 40.

The couple had been living together only one month when he raped and killed both girls, Russian police say.

Distraught divorcee Valentina Saprunova, 40, had no idea of his previous convictions for child rape and murder, say reports.

Footage emerged suspect of Molchanov, 41, being detained by heavily-armed special forces in Rybinsk over this week’s double killings.

He was asked by a state investigator: “What were you detained for?”

The detainee replied: “For murder.”

The investigator continued: "Do you admit your guilt?”

Molchanov replied: “I admit. I am sorry, I do not understand why I did it.”

Just a month ago, the tragic children's mum uprooted her daughters 1,600 miles from their Siberian home to move into her new boyfriend’s flat, convinced she had found true love.

She took a job at a local hospital in Rybinsk, in the Yaroslavl region, but came home from work to find both girls “literally shredded” by a knife.

Her lover was seen fleeing from the scene on a white bicycle, it is claimed.

The Russian Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case into a double child murder “committed with extreme cruelty”.

The distraught mum has since been admitted to the hospital where she worked.

"She sits and looks at one spot,” a source told 76.runews outlet.

“She doesn't speak, just groans or hums.”

Her ex-husband Valentin, a former policeman and dad to the dead girls, was due to arrive at Rybinsk.

The nurse had met Molchanov online via a dating app around six months ago, according to Russian authorities.

In one post in April, before they moved in together, he wrote: "This is my girlfriend, this is very sad that we are in different cities, but I love her and we can solve all the other issues."

But she was unaware of his shocking past convictions for child rape and murder.

He had been released from prison after serving a long sentence, reports say.

One local newspaper report said: "Vitaly carefully concealed his criminal past from his girlfriend.

"Otherwise, this woman, knowing the crimes for which her lover was sentenced, would in all probability not agree to uproot from the Omsk region to Rybinsk and with her two children to move in with him."

Forensic evidence established both dead girls had been raped before they were killed, said the Russian Investigative Committee in a later statement.

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