Painting the town green! Students don fancy dress for St Patrick's Day

Painting the town green! Students don fancy dress with some opting for nothing but speedos as they head out for early St Patrick’s Day celebration

  • Young people took to the streets in various extravagant St Patrick’s Day clothes
  • Men wearing nothing but speedos posed enthusiastically for photos in groups 
  • St Patrick’s Day is Friday March 17 and is expected to be marked across the UK 

Students painted the town green last night as they took to the streets to celebrate St Patrick’s Day early, with some opting to wear nothing but speedos despite the cold and rainy weather.

Revellers from Nottingham Trent University were pictured taking to bars and clubs around the city, many wearing various Ireland-themed costumes.

Students wore outfits entirely made up of green, had miniature leprechaun hats and bedecked themselves in Irish flags.

One group of young men dressed only in speedos and trainers and were pictured posing for photographs as they enjoyed their night out.

It comes ahead of widespread celebrations on Friday, with the occasion set to be marked in Ireland, the UK and countries across the world.

Some were more prepared for the cold than others, with two young women sharing a jumper on their way into town

Some groups of friends coordinated their fancy dress outfits for the special occasion

Nottingham Trent University students took to the bars and clubs in Nottingham to celebrate St Patricks day early as they took part in their weekly student night

One student posed for photographers in a scout shirt and necktie, with speedos and a bumbag underneath

Young people painted the town green as they got a head start on celebrations for Friday’s St Patrick’s Day

Students paint the town green as they celebrate St Patricks day early in nothing more than speedos

Pictured on Wednesday night, students appeared excited to celebrate St Patrick’s Day as they took advantage of the city’s student night to set the ball rolling early.

Dozens of young people seemed unbothered by the March winter air as they took to the streets in party outfits, ready to soak up the atmosphere.

At least 15 young men wearing nothing but speedos were undaunted by the rain and cold weather, even lying on the ground to strike a pose for the camera.

Some were seen wearing ginger beards and huge hats, with others dressed in green scout outfits.

One young woman was pictured in a bright green suit and tie which was entirely bedecked in shamrocks.

A friend by her side wore a sash labelled ‘Irish for a day.’ 

St Patrick’s Day is one of the largest celebrations for those of Irish descent around the world, as they mark their troubled history and booming culture with parades, events and costumes.

This year will see a huge parade in the Northern Irish capital Belfast, as well as music and dance across the island.

Some of the men appeared to have matched the speedos they were wearing in colour schemes

Students were in the festive spirit on Wednesday night, two days before the big day

Many students wore shamrocks, leprechaun hats or green head boppers

Particularly patriotic members of the student community bedecked themselves in Irish flags

One young woman wore an impressive green suit, completely covered in shamrocks

This is just the start of St Patrick’s Day celebrations which will continue well into the weekend

In London an official celebration of St Patrick’s Day took place at Trafalgar Square, but festivities are expected to still be going strong on the holiday tomorrow.

Pubs and clubs across the UK are expected to host themed nights across the weekend.

In student cities such as Nottingham, these have already begun and the Irish contingent is certainly feeling ready for a party. 

St Patrick is the foremost patron saint of Ireland, and the day is an opportunity for religious, historical and cultural festivities.

It takes place on March 17 each year, the date on which St Patrick is thought to have died. 

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