Paranoid Putin’s life underground with tasters checking every meal for poison

Vladimir Putin is gripped by paranoia and spends his days in an underground bunker where he tests his food for poison and frets about the chemical levels of water on his morning swim.

The insecure former-KGB agent is so worried about being assassinated he has even retreated away from his formerly trusted inner circle.

It’s a sign that Putin is taking threats about him being ousted by the Kremlin very seriously following reports top Russian officers were turning against their leader after his disastrous invasion of Ukraine.

Russian analyst Christo Grozev told Radio Liberty that military officials would disobey Putin if he ordered them to fire a nuclear weapon.

The expert claimed the Russian elite had begun to turn on Putin as they “understand the war is lost”.

Although the Russian President used to enjoy spending time with his inner circle, he is now terrified they are plotting against him.

Putin has remained in his bunker for much of the Ukraine war and ordered thousands of soldiers to their deaths whilst miles away from the frontline himself.

As well as ordering staff to taste his food and fretting about how clean his water is, the tyrant’s descent into madness has reportedly seen him order special gloves in case his skin comes into contact with deadly substances.

His obsession with being murdered has led to comparisons to fellow murderous dictator Hitler.

The Nazi fascist’s final months saw him cut himself off from his inner circle and become increasingly isolated from his team of officials.

It is eerily similar to Putin’s behaviour now and history expert Professor Galeotti said: "It is impossible not to be reminded of Adolf Hitler’s last days, when a war he started was also going against him.

"He has his staff, his bodyguards, his team of food tasters and so on…

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"But for months senior ministers, advisers and aides with whom he would once frequently consult, have been kept at a distance.”

Assassination isn’t his only worry – his health has plummeted in recent weeks amid claims the issues are “serious” and include blood cancer and Parkinson's disease.

The supposedly tough Putin has also been seen sheltering under a blanket and resting his hands on tables with a bloated face.

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