Parents drag ‘paedophile’ out of home and beat him after he offered kids sweets

A suspected paedophile was dragged out of his home and beaten by furious parents after allegedly offering sweets to children ‘so he could touch them’.

The man reportedly enticed seven children with the treats in Chimbote, Peru, before being confronted by parents.

In video footage, filmed by an onlooker, several parents are seen screaming at the man through his window while a dad in a baseball cap breaks down his front door.

A man is heard saying: "Get him out, get him out."

Several men then drag the man out of the property before other outraged parents start beating him up.

While on the ground, screaming parents kick the suspected paedophile head and hit him with a stick.

At the end of the footage, a woman in a green top stands over his and tries to protect him from the baying mob.

Reports said that the woman was the suspect’s wife.

Police arrived on the scene to disperse the crowd and arrested him.

The investigation continues.

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