Parents of stillborn baby who was Grenfell Tower fire's youngest victim blame 'stay put' advice for tragic death

Marcio Gomes and Andreia Perestrelo had been eagerly awaiting the birth of their son Logan when the tower block was engulfed in flames last June.

The couple managed to escape their home on the 21st floor as the inferno ravaged the block but the tot was stillborn that night as Andreia and his sisters lay in induced comas, The Times reports.

Logan, who was two months away from being born, became the youngest victim of the tragedy that killed at least 71 people.

As the inquiry into the horror continues, his parents have now slammed authorities after they were told to "stay put" as the blaze raged around them.

They were engulfed by thick smoke and had made frantic 999 calls every 20 minutes before finally deciding to flee when a bedroom caught fire.

It is believed the toxic smoke Andreia inhaled on their way down the burning stairwell to safety is to blame for Logan's death.

Marcio told the public inquiry into the tragedy this week: "The delay in telling us to evacuate nearly killed us and it did kill my baby son, I have no doubt of that.”

The grieving couple have been plagued by flashbacks from the night their home was destroyed – causing them to live in a hotel for six months with their two daughters aged 13 and 11.

They relived their nightmare ordeal as the inquiry got underway, with Marcio breaking down as he recalled how his "superstar" son was stillborn.

He said: "I held my son in my arms. I wished and prayed that he would just open his eyes, make a sound."

Describing how his wife held the baby when she was awake, he added: "At that moment it felt like our hearts had broken."

He also sobbed as he showing pictures of the nursery he had prepared for Logan, lovingly adorned with the words "twinkle, twinkle, little star, do you know how loved you are?"

For Andreia, she is still tortured by their escape when they family were forced to step over bodies to survive.

She said: "It was horrible. I was tripping on them nearly to the end."

The family now live in permanent accommodation but Marcio told The Times it will "never be our Grenfell home", which they lived in for ten years.

Their neighbours, the El Wahabis and 78-year-old Ligaya Moore, perished in the blaze.

Marcio said: "I’ve found myself looking at a complete stranger again and again, thinking, ‘Is that you?’ I have to remind myself, no, it can’t be because they’re not here. It’s something you’ll never get over.”

The Sun revealed last year how hero Marcio had got his family to safety before racing back through the choking blackness for his eldest daughter.

The fumes in the stairwell were so thick he didn't realise Luana had collapsed halfway down.

He desperately shouted for help from firemen, who eventually found their way through the smoke to carry Luana to safety.

The public inquiry is now on the 11th day and is currently hearing evidence from the London Fire Brigade, who dispatched more than 700 firefighters that night.

The Fire Brigade Union today said there is "no obvious and safe alternative strategy" to the current stay put advice.


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