Passer-by forces fly tipping couple to pick their rubbish back up

This is the moment a passer-by caught a pair of fly tippers red-handed dumping rubbish in a field – and made them load it back in their car.

The man and woman were spotted getting rid of bricks and stones by the side of a road.

But passer-by – a builder – was having none of it, and filmed what happened on his mobile phone.

The video footage of their exchange shows him telling them: "Put it back in your car and take it home, you scruffy f***ers!"

He refused to leave until every last bit of debris was put back into the car.

The builder, who asked not to be named, said: "I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

"It’s disgusting that people think they can go dumping their rubbish on other people’s land – how would they like it in their back garden?

"There’s absolutely no excuse for it and I wasn’t going to let them get away with it. I had to put a stop to it."

The clip shows him pulling up and confronting the pair dumping rubbish on a farmer’s field near Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

The builder can be heard asking "what are you doing?" before the couple seem to try and justify leaving the waste at the side of the road.

But he refuses to let the matter, and shouts: "Pick it all up and put it back in your car and take it home.

"Go on hurry up. You don’t throw it in someone else’s field do you? How would you like it if I thew a load of s*** in your garden?"

He asks the couple why they don’t take the waste to the tip and when they claim it’s closed, he says: "Go tomorrow then!"

On a number of occasions, the couple can be seen on video trying to apologise for their actions but the builder has no sympathy for them and forces them to carry on picking up their waste.

After loading dozens of bricks back into their vehicle, he insists they also move some building rubble dumped at the side of the road.

The pair claim the waste isn’t theirs – until the man gets out of his work van and points out it must be as it’s "bone dry" when it’s pouring down with rain.

"Take it to the tip like everyone else, or buy a skip," the builder says.

He continues filming the pair as the woman puts on a pair of gloves and fills a black bin bag with rubble, which they load back into their dark blue people carrier.

Before they drive away, the couple ask the builder to delete the recording of them fly tipping but he refuses, saying "you’ve just been flytipping, I’m going to wait here until you’ve gone."

Speaking afterwards, the builder who works from a site nearby, said: "It’s just not acceptable.

"I know there was a bit of f-ing and blinding from me but that’s not a crime. They were fly tipping which is illegal.

"People are always leaving stuff there – sofas, chairs, building stuff, you name it – but I don’t know what right they think they have.

"I don’t understand why they don’t just take it to a tip, it doesn’t cost them anything.

"I have a works vehicle so I can’t do that and have to pay £200 to hire a skip, they’re just being lazy."

The builder said there is a refuse tip just ten minutes from the layby where he caught the fly tippers – and claims he followed the couple along a road just a mile or so from it after the incident.

He has had a largely positive response form the video, which he says he took to encourage others to step in and stop others fly tipping.

"I want people to know they’re within their rights to hold people to account. It’s not OK for people to fly tip.

"We need more awareness of it and people can’t be allowed to get away with it."

"A few people have made negative comments and played the race card but this has nothing to do with race.

"They’re breaking the law and I will do the same thing time and time again to do my bit to stop it happening."

The builder plans to report the incident, which happened at around 7pm on April 24 to police and the local council to investigate further.

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