Pence pleaded for military to 'clear the Capitol' during riot & Pelosi begged for help but troops were not sent for HOUR

MIKE Pence pleaded for the military to clear the Capitol while Nancy Pelosi begged for help during the Capitol riots, but troops weren't sent for an hour.

A recently released timeline shows that politicians made the severity of the situation very clear hours before order was restored again in the US Capitol on January 6.

The timeline of events, prepared by the Pentagon and obtained by the Associated Press, says then-Vice President Pence pleaded with the acting defense secretary to "clear the Capitol" around 4pm.

The former VP made the call as he hid in a secure room while rioters roamed through the building.

Elsewhere in the same building, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made similar pleas to military leaders — asking them to send in the National Guard.

The timeline makes it clear that former President Donald Trump was not actively engaged in putting a stop to the riots — which resulted in the deaths of five people including a police officer — as they began unfolding.

That inaction led to a slowed response by the military and law enforcement, the AP reported.

Handling the crisis, therefore, fell to Pentagon officials, a handful of senior White House aides and the leaders of Congress and Vice President — who were holed up in secure rooms at the Capitol waiting out the riots.

Pence's call to Christopher Miller went out at 4.08pm, two hours after rioters had broken into the Capitol building.

The vice president demanded answers and told Miller that the building was not yet secure.

Rioters inside the building had called for both Pelosi and Pence to be hanged.

Trump and Pence's relationship took a highly-public left turn before the riots, after Pence said he would not refuse to certify Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 election, which is what Congress was doing when Trump supporters stormed the building on January 6.

Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund reportedly called asking for the National Guard assistance before anyone even broke into the Capitol building, according to the timeline.

At 1.49pm, Sund called the DC National Guard's commanding general to ask for backup as protesters reached the Capitol grounds following a speech Trump gave to his supporters around noon.

Some of the thousands of protesters became violently immediately, according to Sund's call, and were busting through police barriers and getting violent with officers who stood in their way.

Trump's rally immediately before the riots led many to believe he was responsible for the attempted insurrection.

He was impeached a second time over the riots, but ultimately cleared of fault.

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