These people are sharing the strangest things they've seen while travelling on the New York subway

Commuters in London probably could tell their own tales of some weird stuff seen going on down underground on the tube, but New Yorkers just have to go one better.

Is it really essential to have your umbrella up while going up or down town, inside a train that’s underground?

Or maybe you just prefer to travel au naturel and let it all hang out?

Perhaps you feel you were born to be wild but life got in the way of your dreams, so now you decide to ride your little moped whilst riding the network.

Then again why stand or sit like every other normal, sane person when you can try to impersonate Spiderman and hang upside down.

Chop, chop – hurry up

Get yer motor runnin'…

Does this comply with the office dress code?

Standing room only

No way is this guy trying to draw attention to himself

Seeing double

Someone doesn't want to miss the big game

You know when you've been tangoed

Subway Train

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