‘Plain DICTATORSHIP’ – Erdogan rival attacks Turkey election re-run after opposition win

Following a shock victory in Turkey’s local elections in March, the country’s electoral body has ordered a re-run of the elections this summer. Mr Erdogan’s Justice and Development party (abbreviated as AK), questioned the slim victory by the rival Republican People’s Party (CHP). Following allegations from Mr Erdogan’s party of “irregularities and corruption”, the election will now be re-held.

Deputy chair of CHP, Onursal Adiguzel argued that the decision to hold the election again shows that it is “illegal to win against the AK Party”.

In a scathing attack on the President’s party, Mr Adiguzel insisted that the decision shows that the country is “plain dictatorship”.

He also said: “This system that overrules the will of the people and disregards the law is neither democratic nor legitimate.”

After winning the initial election, CHP candidate Ekrem Imamoglu was officially confirmed as the mayor of Istanbul in April.

He too also spoke out after the announcement of an electoral re-run.

The mayor attacked the electoral board and accused them of being influenced by Mr Erdogan’s party.

In a speech, Mr Imamoglu said: “We will never compromise on our principles.

“This country is filled with 82 million patriots who will fight until the last moment for democracy.

“Let’s stand together, let’s be calm.

“We will win, we will win again.”

Although an AKP Party-led alliance won 51% of the vote nationwide, CHP claimed crucial victories in the capital Ankara and in Istanbul.

The next vote in the country’s largest city will now be held on June 23.

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