Plane crash horror kills four people as aircraft plummets from sky into house

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A light aircraft has crashed directly into the roof of a private villa in Ukraine, killing at least four people.

The tragic incident took place in Prykarpattia in western Ukraine at around 1.40pm local time on Wednesday, July 28, confirmed the region's emergency services.

Firefighters were scrambled to the scene in a bid to save people from a huge blaze that broke out in the wake of the crash, but at least four people are believed to have died.

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine said in a statement: "On July 28, at about 1:40 p.m., a light-powered sports plane crashed into a private house near the village of Sheparivtsi, Kolomyia district, with subsequent burning, killing four people."

Ten firefighters were called to the scene and reportedly had the lethal blaze under control by 1.58pm.

Despite their valiant efforts the charred remains of the crashed jet show just how quickly the fire began and spread through the detached home.

It's not known what caused the plane to go down or whether it was already on fire when it crashed into the private villa.

The horror collision took place just outside the small village on Ukraine's western edge.

Sheparivtsi is near the country's borders with Romania, Moldova, Slovakia and Hungary.

Ukraine has a well-documented and tragically eventful recent history with air crashes.

The eastern European nation was famously the site where Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was shot down in 2014, killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew members.

The downed jet was later traced to rocket fire originating from Russia-backed rebels fighting in the war-torn eastern region.

Eleven Ukrainians including 9 crew members were also killed in the 2020 crash of Ukraine International Airlines flight 752 over Iran.

A total of 176 people were slain when an Iranian surface-to-air missile smashed into the Boeing 737 bound for Kiev.

The diplomatic fallout of that mortifying incident is still ongoing, with Canada blaming Iranian "recklessness" for the deaths, which included 63 Canadians.

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