‘Playboy bunny’ PE teacher’s sick Snapchats to schoolboy she groped in cupboard

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A female PE teacher molested a 14-year-old boy after grooming him with constant naked videos and Snapchat messages.

Katie Elizabeth Smith, 30, was said to have inundated the youngster with sexually explicit messages and photos before fondling the boy in a store cupboard.

Court records in Australia say that Smith "wanted to be told I was pretty" during the months of abuse of the minor, with the 30-year-old convicted and jailed for a maximum of three years and ten months.

Her attempt to blame the abuse on the child failed to convince police officers, but the paedophile PE teacher has already been released from prison.

It was revealed that in February the New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal had reduced her sentence by 18 months, with the PE teacher released from prison on February 8.

New details emerged of how Smith abused the minor, including an encounter where the teenager left class to "get a drink," with Smith pouncing on him shortly after, kissing and touching him on the outside of his sports shorts.

Smith urged the youngster to stay quiet and warned he could get "into trouble" with police if he didn't do as she said.

The boy, who was not a student of Smith, returned to class after the encounter.

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A series of other encounters between Smith and her victim occurred, including the sharing of elicit photographs on Snapchat, which saw the pair exchange sexual messages and photos.

Smith, who was 26 at the time, is said to have shared five intimate photos and two videos of herself, with one of her performing a sex act.

A secret phone call was also reported, with NSW police saying that on the day they had turned up to arrest Smith on February 14, 2019, she had called him that same day.

The Court of Criminal Appeal judgement read: "When the victim phoned her that day she told him that the police were at her home and that he should not tell anyone what had occurred between them as they would both 'get into trouble' and asked the victim to delete her number."

It added: "Even when she was being sentenced, Smith still sought to 'minimise her behaviour and to deflect blame… onto the child victim'".

District Court Judge Kara Shead accepted the teacher had a borderline personality disorder, but also noted the serious breach of trust involved in Smith's conduct, marking the "absolute prohibition on sexual activity with a child".

Judge Shead said Smith had preyed on the victim and exploited his vulnerability, The Sun reported.

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