Postie searched by police during rounds as officers even rifled through letters

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A postie was subjected to a police search during his shift, with officers sifting through undelivered mail in an attempt to find drugs.

Jamie Dragon, 34, has told how he was out delivering in London when officers apprehended him.

In footage he shot himself, officers in uniform claimed to be searching him under “section 23 of the Misuse of Drugs Act”.

This allows police to search any person where a constable has reasonable grounds to suspect that any person is in possession of a controlled drug.

Jamie said: “I was just minding my own business delivering mail like I did every day – I don't even know how it started.

“They had asked me what I was doing, and I just asked what they thought I was doing – I was delivering mail.

“I decided to get out my phone and video it and was asking why they were harassing me at work and saying it was wrong.

“I was saying that I wasn't even off route, and I said they could look at the addresses on the letters in my hand and look at the address on the door.”

He was let go after his supervisor intervened over the phone – and after officers had been through his letters.

It is unclear exactly why the officers had decided to search the postman.

Despite being advise by his union representatives not to complain about the incident back in 2017, he has now decided to post the video on social media recently to “show the world” what had happened.

He said: “I was quite p****d off at the time to be honest.

“Then they said that I was going to be detained.

“At first I laughed at him because it was so ridiculous – I wasn't putting up a fight or being argumentative.

“I was cooperating and I even put out my hands to let him put on his handcuffs. I was just so shocked – I wasn't even being rude or anything.

“I did that round quite a lot too. Most postmen just crack on with their job, but I would always stop to speak to the old ladies and talk to the men.

“I'd help people with buggies, or carrying shopping. I was a big part of the community – so I had everyone around the road telling the police to leave me alone.

“I kept asking, 'what is this for', and eventually two more vans came up and loads of police jumped out.”

A Metropolitan Police spokesman confirmed that they were aware of the video, but said that no arrest was made and no complaint was received.

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