President Donald Trump Rips Opposition On Twitter For The Collusion Witch Hunt

Amid news of potential wrongdoing, President Donald Trump puts his Twitter fingers to work. This time President Donald Trump is going out of his way to rip his opposition once again.

The details to President Donald Trump’s 2016 financial disclosure was revealed on Wednesday. Some of the leaked information highlights a debt President Donald Trump owes to his former attorney Michael Cohen, according to Bloomberg.

There is speculation that President Trump’s reported debt to Michael Cohen is a repayment for the Stormy Daniels affair. There is a payment which ranges between $100,000-$250,000 made to Cohen during President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. That figure alone is enough to raise some eyebrows.

Also included in the briefing was nearly 100 pages detailing President Trump’s businesses, business agreements, and arrangements to maintain his relationships. All of which can be considered troublesome for the president. There is some doubt that lingers regarding President Donald Trump and his ability to multitask his interests, while avoiding the rabbit hole of being partial to his personal dealings. This has led to much of the collusion conversations.

Add to the fact that President Donald Trump appeared to waffle a bit with his desire to save ZTE, a Chinese telecommunications company. According to CNN, ZTE suffered a significant loss in revenue due to a ban set by President Donald Trump’s administration.

The ban disallowed American firms from selling parts or offering any services until 2025. It was viewed as a punishment for violating US sanctions. President Donald Trump’s sudden change of heart has left some to believe he stands something to gain from ZTE’s misgivings.

President Donald Trump has business interests in the majority of the countries he has engaged with since being nominated. Those relationships and proposed new ones will continue to dog President Donald Trump until he is long out of office.

Withal, President Trump maintains his stance and has vowed to keep fighting.

As evidence continues to stack up regarding some of dealings made by President Donald Trump, he appears defiant. Taking to Twitter to rail about what he perceives to be a two-year witch hunt.

Some of President Donald Trump’s activities on Twitter offers a glimpse into his way of thinking. He wishes that the hounds were called off his heels. However, bashing his opposition may be viewed as a flawed strategy.

President Donald Trump will be defiant until he receives his vindication or any wrongdoing has been proven. The former may never come. For now, we will be provided with tantalizing theater.

Since President Donald Trump’s wraith is not complete, the next set of Twitter jabs will be interesting.

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