President Trump mulling second coronavirus task force, reports say

WASHINGTON — President Trump is expected to announce the creation of a second coronavirus task force focused on reopening the nation’s battered economy, according to reports.

The smaller task force would run alongside the existing operation headed by Vice President Mike Pence, which has been focused on delivering urgently needed medical supplies to the states and providing a bailout to small businesses and the unemployed.

The new economic task force will include members of the administration, officials from the Treasury Department, private sector CEOs and even well-known athletes, according to reports Thursday from the Washington Post and CNN.

Chief of staff Mark Meadows is expected to lead the effort, several officials told The Post, but no decision has been made.

According to the reports, the task force will focus on how to reopen the economy which has collapsed since the virus swept the US in early March, with more than 16 million Americans losing their jobs in the last three weeks.

President Trump has reportedly set a goal of re-opening as much of the economy as possible by April 30, despite health officials warning social distancing measures may need to remain in place until June or July and a second outbreak is possible.

According to the CNN report, some of the ideas being floated include a payroll tax holiday, a reduction in pay to some public officials and a tax on nonprofits.

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