Pressure over Brexit vote may force Theresa May to step down

British Prime Minister Theresa May may step down as soon as Friday amid a mutiny among her cabinet members and her inability to get Parliament to sign off on a deal to exit the European Union, according to a report.

House of Commons leader Andrea Leadsom resigned on Wednesday over May’s Brexit policy and a number of other cabinet members have said that the prime minister has reached “the end of the line,” the BBC reported on Thursday.

And May’s bill for a new Brexit deal now isn’t expected to be published or voted on until next month.

The prime minister had planned to have the bill published on Friday.

But Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt shoved aside speculation about May’s resignation, saying she would still be the prime minister when President Trump arrives in Great Britain ​o​n June​ 3​.

“Theresa May will be prime minister to welcome him and rightly so​,” Hunt said. ​

Leadsom said she stepped down because May’s Brexit plan had “elements I cannot support, that aren’t Brexit.”

May said she was sad to lose someone of Leadsom’s “passion, drive and sincerity.”

May had promised to step down if lawmakers approve her Brexit deal but the calls for her to set a date have become louder and more persistent.

Britain voted 52 percent to 48 percent in June 2016 to leave the European Union, but Brexit legislation has been rejected three times.

​It now faces a Oct. 31 deadline to leave the European Union.​

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