Prince Charles called the Queen ‘Mummy’ in public and her reaction says it all

At a glance, you’d think the Royal family was basically just the William-Kate-Harry-Meghan-Royal baby-Royal wedding show.

A new arrival for the Cambridges this week Harry and Meghan’s impending nuptials certainly have taken centre stage.

But let’s not forget who the real Don is -Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, aka, Her Majesty, the Queen.

While the Queen seems content to hand the baton over to the younger royals (she is 92 after all), occasionally she still likes to remind us all who the star of the show ultimately is.

This she did recently – and beautifully -during her 92nd birthday celebration at the Royal Albert Hall.

By pulling an extraordinary face in response to something Prince Charles said.

Yes, you’re never too old or too next-in-line for the throne to get subtlety shaded by your own mother.

To honour his mum’s special day, Charles took the stage and gave a rather sweet speech lavishing her with praise and referred to her as "Your Majesty, Mummy".

Cute, no?

Except, the Queen seemed a little taken aback, widening her eyes and allowing herself a barely detectable eye-roll, and people are enjoying her reaction greatly.

Was she just caught unaware by the informal register?

Would she prefer that her kids leave the "Mummy" references at home?

Or had she simply remembered something spicy which had happened earlier?

Given that the Queen is in many ways the ultimate royal enigma, we’ll never know.

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