Prince Harry 'felt shocked and isolated in California with Meghan Markle and Archie' during Covid pandemic

PRINCE Harry felt "shocked and isolated" in California during the Covid pandemic, a source has told People.

The royal, 36, left home last year and has been unable to return as coronavirus rampaged through the world.

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The source close to the couple said: "It was incredibly isolating for Harry – to be so far from home when all of this was going on.

"It's been a really tough year for him. Most people make adjustments to their lives slowly but for him everything just went at once.

"Everything he's ever known has gone and he's built his whole future around Meghan and his son."

The pal from the inner circle also revealed the pair hope 2021 is a "time of healing for their family".

They touched on the reported rift between Harry and his brother William, before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex quit as senior royals.

Earlier this year The Sun revealed that William and Harry had barely spoken in months, other than to wish each other Happy Birthday.

Sources say William was stunned at Harry’s decision to throw away his duty and service to the crown, and furious that the Queen had been backed into a corner.

But in the latest interview on Harry and Meghan, the source said: "Family disagreements tend to lose heat with distance and time.

"[They] are hoping 2021 can be a time of healing not just for the world but for their family."


It comes after it was revealed the pair "don't regret" Megxit, as the royal is "finally doing what he wanted to do".

Harry, 36, and Meghan, 39, stepped down as senior royals last year in a bombshell announcement.

They reportedly moved into a luxurious £11.1 million mansion which boasts a pool, theatre, arcade and guest house in Montecito, California, back in July.

A source close to Meghan and Harry says the couple are calling the luxury mansion their "sanctuary".

After the shock move, the pair were allowed to keep one foot in the door on the condition Harry would meet with The Queen at a later date to discuss how the arrangement was working.

A 12-month review was due for March 31 this year – but the prince has been forced to cancel the plans as a mutant Covid strain ravages the UK and non-essential travel banned.

Royal sources say Harry is yet to re-arrange with the Queen, but is expected to do so in the coming weeks.

It's been a really tough year for him. Most people make adjustments to their lives slowly but for him everything just went at once.

It is thought the couple had wanted an "extension" on the interim period before they officially leave.

Prince Harry especially is keen to keep up with his military patronages – some of which could be at risk if he quits.

The pair left the UK first for Canada, and then settled in California.

They have signed up for big money deals with Spotify and Netflix as they forge their own way.

Experts think the couple’s Spotify podcast deal is another leap towards what could be a £1billion business empire in the US.

It follows a rumoured £100million deal with Netflix to make documentaries.

And while they have stepped down as senior working royals and are now making their own money, the pair are still expected to uphold the values of Her Majesty.

But senior advisors are reportedly concerned over the speed at which they have been signing megabucks deals with the likes of Netflix, Spotify and the Harry Walker Agency.

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