Prince Harry and Meghan Markle impersonated by SAS in mock royal wedding to prepare against possible terror attack

Credenhill barracks in Hereford was transformed into a mini Windsor High Street, allowing planners to assess responses to a range of possible attacks at the wedding next month.

An Iraq war veteran and his wife who works at the barracks were surprised to receive the order, "you and your wife will play the part of the royal couple", upon arrival, the Sunday Express reported.

They were joined by 40 other SAS officers men from the Counter Terror Command and the Royal Protection Squad.

In one drill the couple were bundled into a ballistic blanket as part of a grenade attack rehearsal.

The couple were also ordered to practice using a second escape route in the event of avoiding would-be kidnappers, the newspaper reported.

Counter Terror Command officers and Thames Valley Police will control the security operations on May 19, but the SAS will take over in the event of a major incident.

Other emergency responses were prepared for attacks including would-be kidnappers, a lorry driving into crowds of well-wishers lining the street and an attack by a knife-wielding maniac.

News of the wedding practice comes weeks after it emerged, Windsor will be shielded by a ring of steel during the wedding.

Police claimed the threat of a terror attack on May 19 is “severe”, so extra officers will be deployed.

Other security measures announced include:

  • ANTI-vehicle barriers erected, with police marksmen on the roof of Windsor Castle;
  • AIRPORT-style body scans for spectators, and sniffer dogs and cops mixing among them;
  • OFFICERS patrolling local trains, with none stopping at the town’s two railway stations.

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