Priti Patel defeats ‘do-gooding’ celebs as 1,100 criminals including killers & rapists are booted out of UK

HOME Secretary Priti Patel has overcome protests by activists and celebrities to deport more than 1,100 criminals from the UK. 

A total of 1,128 foreign nationals convicted of crimes including murder and rape were reportedly removed from the country this year.

Among those deported were 23 murderers, 189 rapists, 70 child sex offenders, 705 drug dealers, and 141 individuals convicted of grievous bodily harm and other types of assault. 

They were transported on more than 30 chartered flights.

Speaking to the Telegraph, a Home Office source said: “Despite protestations from the Labour Party and do-gooding celebrities, the Home Secretary has not let up in her determination to remove foreign criminals from our country. 

“We have removed 1,100 this year and will push on with plans to increase this next year.”


It comes after a campaign last month by a group of public figures and celebrities urged Patel to abandon a deportation flight of more than 50 criminals to Jamaica.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell and actress Thandie Newton were among those to sign an open letter saying the flight should be stopped.

More than 60 MPs, most of them from the Labour Party, also backed the call, saying of those being deported: "Britain is their home."

Each of the people who were scheduled to be on the flight had been born in Jamaica and none was a British citizen, but the letter argued many had lived in the UK since they were children.

In response, immigration minister Chris Philip said: “Those we are attempting to remove have committed crimes which have a devastating impact on victims and their families.”

The Home Office had initially planned for more than 50 people to be on the flight to Jamaica, but only 13 of those were ultimately removed.

Lawyers for many of those who had been due to be removed mounted successful legal challenges, citing human rights violations and claims that their clients had been victims of modern slavery.

Among those who escaped deportation were two people convicted of rape and one convicted of murder.

Patel is expected to announce reforms in the new year that would make it harder to delay the deportation of convicted criminals.

Judges are expected to be told that, where an asylum seeker has a criminal record, they should give more weight to that record when considering attempts to overturn a deportation order.

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