Pro-Palestine gang screams 'f**k Israel' at Israeli protesters as fireworks are hurled in Times Square leaving one hurt

BLOODY fistfights between Palestinian demonstrators clashing with pro-Israeli rivals throughout Midtown Manhattan graduated to flaming pandemonium after a pair of fireworks were set off.

The explosives went off on Thursday evening and were described as “two commercial-grade fireworks,” an NYPD spokesman told The Sun. 

Footage of the explosion was believed to have been captured and posted on Twitter by Erica Diggs.

It shows terrified people scattering before a massive "boom" and flames as well ass sparks spindle in all directions at street level.

At least one person suffered minor wounds, police confirmed.

They were reportedly lobbed from a car in the Diamond District on 47th Street, according to the New York Post.

Video of Thursday’s standoff between the two factions captured by independent reporter, <a href="http://<Oliya Scootercaster, on twitter showed heated verbal jousting and various squabbles where some suffered punishing punches and kicks by furious groups. 


The streetfights occurred smack dab in New York City’s tourist nucleus and occur just as Israel and Hamas committed to a cease-fire in war-torn Gaza several days of bombings and attacks.

Cops managed to diffuse many of the flareups that led to aggressive fighting.

One apparent pro-Israel demonstrator in a white shirt and black pants was punched repeatedly after his Israeli flag was ripped away. 

Many of the rival demonstrators were all pinned into a confined spot by the office and stadium bleachers where discounted Broadway show tickets are sold. 

Chants of “Free free Palestine” were cued up by a man’s voice using a megaphone as like-minded protesters held up flares emitting red and green smoke and some waved Palestinian flags. 

Many uniformed cops are sandwiched in between the groups and can be seen detaining multiple people. 

The NYPD confirmed they have made multiple arrests. 

A canned voice from a police speaker can be heard warning the crowd to “disperse.”

“This assembly is an unlawful,” the voice can be heard saying. 

“You are ordered to disperse.

“If you leave voluntarily no charges will be placed against you.”

One higher-ranking policeman can be heard advising the unruly crowd to “back away.”

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