Pub landlord Wayne Jones becomes breakout star of Welcome to Wrexham

‘They say it’s only a game, but this club means everything’: Welsh football shirt-wearing pub landlord Wayne Jones becomes breakout star of Welcome to Wrexham – as viewers applaud no-nonsense attitude and love for the team (and he’s got subtitles too!)

  • The start of football documentary Welcome to Wrexham has just been released
  • Pub owner Wayne Jones, 40, has quickly become the fan favourite of the show 
  • The landlord has run the pub where Wrexham AFC was founded for 13 years
  • He has now hosted celebrity owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney 

A pub landlord and massive Wrexham and Wales fan has become the breakout star of the hit documentary Welcome to Wrexham as fans go wild over the new series. 

Pub owner Wayne Jones, 40, has quickly become the fan favourite of the new documentary, just released on Disney Plus.

The documentary follows National League side Wrexham AFC after its takeover by Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

As well as hearing from famous actors’ first steps in professional football, the show also follows Wrexham’s supporters, players and volunteers.

Wayne Jones has turned into an overnight celebrity – going viral on Twitter after the first two episodes of the show were released on August 24.

The pub landlord’s wry humour and passion for his local club has clearly struck a chord with football fans and TV viewers around the world.

Landlord Wayne Jones, 40, runs the Turf pub in the building where Wrexham AFC was founded

Wayne spoke of his passion for the club, which started when his parents brought him to the Turf as a child

Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds (right) and Rob McElhenney (left) bought Wrexham AFC in 2020

Fans of the show and Wrexham locals heaped praise on Wayne’s entertaining appearance 

Wayne runs the Turf pub, which sits on the corner of Wrexham’s stadium The Racecourse, and has only closed its doors one time in the 13 years he has been there.

The Turf is open 365 days a year including Christmas and holidays, and only shut down because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Wayne loves his local club as much as his pub and has been one of its most devoted supporters since visiting the Turf as a child.

He said in the documentary: ‘On a match day we would be absolutely chocker, the bar is always five or six deep.

‘My parents were regulars here and I remember coming to this pub after the match and they’ve won. The jukebox is blaring, and people are singing and people are happy, and from that minute on I was absolutely hooked.’ 

Wayne said he became a Wrexham fan after first being brought to the pub as a child

His down to earth approach was a winner with fans of the popular documentary 

The Turf pub is a popular local which sits on the grounds of Wrexham’s stadium 

Owners Reynolds and McElhenney have set their sights on transforming the football club

Wrexham fans are a key focus of the new documentary as their club searches for promotion to the English Football League 

Wayne also attracted attention from British sports fans, as despite being well-spoken he was given subtitles throughout the programme to help American viewers understand his North Welsh accent. 

Words like ‘chocker’ and ‘nil-nil’ were also translated for the benefit of US viewers joining Wrexham in their search for promotion to League 2.  

The landlord also described the passion the people of Wrexham have for their historic club.

He said: ‘You can’t put it into words what it [the club] means to people, it’s like losing a limb

‘People say it’s only a game but it’s not – it’s more than that. This football club means everything to people in this town.’

The celebrity owners have been entertained by the Wrexham landlord a number of times, with Reynolds recommending the pub to his 20 million followers 

Wayne has also befriended celebrity Wrexham owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, who have visited the Turf.

He told BBC Radio Wales about how the pair’s investment had transformed the town and gave him the oppirtunity to have a drink with the Hollywood stars.

Wayne said: ‘I’ve met Rob a couple of times, I’ve met Ryan once. When we had a drink, we had a lot of Aviation gin that Ryan kindly donated to us – far too much. I think he’s alluded to the fact that he had too much. 

‘We have some Wrexham lager and whatnot, but they’ve only actually been in once and had a serious drink. But they enjoyed the Wrexham lager that’s for sure, and certainly enjoyed the Aviation Gin.’

‘I don’t even think they realise what they’ve done. Without even realising it, the town is absolutely thriving, it’s absolutely buzzing. 

‘Long may it continue because Wrexham’s had some tough years and to see the town really have this pick-me-up and the shot in the arm that’s needed is brilliant.’

Deadpool actor Reynolds even recommended the pub to his 20 million followers, saying on Twitter: ‘Highly recommend a burger and beer with Wayne Jones at The Turf.’

Fans applauded Wayne’s down to earth attitude and passion for his team, including his reaction Wrexham losing a match in the first episode, when he said simply: ‘They were s*** to be fair.’ 

ITV reported Wayne was already being asked for selfies less than a day after the show had been out.  

The first two episodes of Welcome to Wrexham have been released, with six more to come.

Wayne vented his worries about the show online, but was reassured by fans of the show who gave the documentary a warm reception 

Wayne said the new owners have helped to transform Wrexham for the better in recent years

He said: ‘Long may it continue because Wrexham’s had some tough years and to see the town really have this pick-me-up and the shot in the arm that’s needed is brilliant’

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