Public sex hotspot behind Big Baps cafe being investigated as 'two or three doggers seen every morning'

A DOGGING hotspot behind Big Baps cafe is being investigated by cops after the business owner moaned about the number of sex fiends using the layby every morning.

Sharon Wherrett, 51, the owner of the joint located off the M62 in West Yorkshire, said her business has been blighted by "male doggers" and "sex litter".

Sharon claimed the number of men visiting the area for sex has stopped her valued customers from being able to pull into the layby to use the cafe.

The furious business owner said she sees "two or three doggers" every morning and blasted the amount of vile waste left at the site, including used condoms.

Sharon told Yorkshire Live: "My daughter's 21 and she came over once and said 'mum I've just seen a dogger'.

"I said to her 'it could have been a fisherman' and she said 'mum he had his penis in his hand' – they just walk around naked."

Sharon, who co-owns the cafe with her sister, Amanda Bissett, said she had repeatedly raised the issue with her local MP and the police.

She said the issue has escalated to the point where she now needs to warn people who go walking in the local area.

West Yorkshire Police have confirmed the force is going to investigate the dogging hotspot.

Two men parked up at the site claimed the location is a popular gay haunt for men from Manchester and Leeds.

One man, who was waiting in his car near Big Baps, reportedly called the owners "selfish" and said the use of the layby was not just for her customers.

He dismissed that the area was for "dogging" and insisted it was "men meeting men for sex".

Asked about complaints of naked men in the woods, he said: "Possibly, sometimes they are not discrete."

Another man, who was walking in the nearby woods, said men enjoyed meeting at the popular spot and said "it’s fun".

Calderdale Council has confirmed it will work with the cops to investigate the concerns raised.

Councillor Jane Scullion said: "Of course, we take all concerns from residents and businesses seriously, and we are investigating these in relation to Wakefield Road, Brighouse, as well as contacting the cafe owner.

"We will work with the police and other partner organisations to address the concerns."

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said: "It has been passed to the NPT (Neighbourhood Policing Team) to look into."

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