‘Putin could be a hologram as health fears grow ‘ – Ukraine’s Defence Ministry

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Vladimir Putin could be a hologram according to the Ukraine Defence Ministry, leading to renewed scepticism of the Russian despot health situation.

There have been dozens of articles written about Putin's health status, with some reporting that he is suffering from abdominal cancer as well as early Parkinson's disease.

There have been some conspiracy theorists who claim the 69-year-old is actually already dead, and the Russian government have covered up his death by using body doubles in public settings.

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Among the sceptics include the Ukraine Defence Ministry who not only believe Putin could be a hologram, but the Russian leader is part of a "collective Putin".

They said: "It could be Putin, it could be the 'collective Kremlin', or it could be a hologram.

"Is there a possibility that this is 'collective Putin'?

"There is a possibility that we haven't seen the person we used to think of as Putin lately.

"This is a separate interesting subject of research and development. It is very important to understand that Putin is now a collective image, a regime, a certain collective system."

Insiders on the General SVR Telegram channel have suggested that Putin is no longer able to attend meetings due to his poor health and is now "sharply deteriorating".

The Ukraine Defence Ministry have put forward the theory that it is a collective system at the helm of Russia rather than just a single dictator.

"More and more in this collective system, it is not the dictator himself, or whoever pretends to be him, but, in fact, a certain circle that stands behind him," they said.

"This circle is mostly old nomenclature officers, security forces, civil servants. This is the past and past generation, people who yearn for the Soviet Union, for the methods of the Soviet Union.

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"People who do not understand the methods of the modern world, the modern era, and have driven themselves into conspiracy and live in a parallel world."

With the war against Ukraine now reaching eight months of conflict, the Defence Ministry believe Putin's reign is "doomed".

They added: "Ukraine regains sovereignty over the entire territory and wins victory over Putin's Russia, and accordingly, the Rashists are defeated.

"And the main thing is that there will be punishment and retribution for every crime."


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