Putin hit by ANOTHER mutiny as ‘60 elite paratroopers refuse to fight in Ukraine after comrades were wiped out’

VLADIMIR Putin has been hit but another mutiny as a total of 60 paratroopers reportedly refused to continue fighting in Ukraine.

The Russian elite paratroopers have staged a mutiny after witnessing their comrades being wiped out in battle, reports claim.

The soldiers were from key airborne forces headquarters in Pskov in northern Russia.

The refusenik troops had been moved to Belarus as part of the invasion force but after their mutiny, they were sent in disgrace back to their base in Pskov.

Some have been dismissed and branded "cowards" while others are set to face the Russian equivalent of a court-martial with likely jail sentences.

Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu is reported to have sent one of his deputies to Pskov to handle the insubordination.


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Ukraine claimed that the 60 or so troops were elite paratroopers but this is not so far confirmed, even though they are from Pskov, a key HQ of Russia’s most elite airborne forces.

Russian opposition outlet Pskovskaya Guberniya reported: "About 60 servicemen from Pskov refused to go to war on Ukrainian territory, according to our sources.

"After the first days of the war, they were first brought to the Republic of Belarus, and then they returned to their base in Pskov.

"Most of them are currently being dismissed, but some are threatened with criminal cases."

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It is the latest of several cases of Russian troops refusing to obey Vladimir Putin’s orders to invade Ukraine and “denazify” the country.

An earlier captive Russian soldier from Pskov, Vladimir Safronov, 23, told his Ukrainian interrogators about problems with rations, and how his officers were looting the civilian population.

"Things are bad with food, we are constantly saving it," he said.

"Very often we have a situation that a ration for one person is shared between two people.

"We are eating mostly what we find inside [civilian] houses [in occupied Ukraine]."

He went on: "There is a lot of looting, I’ve personally seen it.

"I don’t support it, it was mainly senior sergeants and the commander who did it…

"I saw civilians who were hiding, people who were unable to evacuate, who lived in constant fear.

"I felt awfully sorry for them, it was scary to find them."

It comes as…

  • Ukraine urged its people to flee or 'face death' in the far east of the war-torn country as Russia prepares to launch a new bloodbath.
  • Russian troops allegedly executed a Ukrainian woman's husband in front of her.
  • New footage reveals trenches dug by Russian soldiers at Chernobyl, reportedly leaving them struck down with radiation sickness.
  • Ukrainian officials have warned the horrors in the town of Borodyanka will be 'worse than Bucha'
  • President Zelensky has compared Putin's savage troops to ISIS monsters
  • Video captured the shocking moment Russian army vehicles 'fired on a cyclist' in Bucha

Earlier reports said that elite OMON special forces troops from Khakassia had refused to fight.

In another case, troops from the unofficial statelet South Ossetia reportedly went on foot back to their homes after refusing to participate in hostilities in Ukraine.

It comes as earlier this week shocking footage showed bodies of Russian soldiers piled up after they were allegedly ambushed in Sumy, northeastern Ukraine. 

The clip also shows ordinary goods such as frying pans and children's toys allegedly looted by the soldiers.

Putin's army has been repeatedly obliterated by Ukrainian fighters who have put up strong resistance, leading the Russian tyrant to resort to the merciless bombing of civilians.

Dramatic drone footage showed a Ukrainian tank taking on an entire Russian column, destroying several vehicles.

Russian forces have lost thousands of vehicles in the war in Ukraine including hundreds of tanks and over 1800 other armoured vehicles.

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A UK spy chief previously claimed that Russian forces were even sabotaging their own weapons and refused to carry out orders amid a rise in battlefield losses.

Russian marines reportedly staged a mutiny last month and defied orders to attack the strategic port of Odesa.

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