Putin sending cannibal and serial killers to Ukraine is stuff of ‘nightmares’

Vladimir Putin has sent serial killers and at least one cannibal to fight his war against Ukraine, leading experts claim.

The Russian tyrant is accused of releasing "psychos and maniacs" out of prison camps in exchange for freedom if they serve six months on the frontline.

Olga Romanova, who monitors the prison population as the head of the organisation Russia Behind Bars, says the tactic is something out of her “worst nightmares.”

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It has been reported that the head of Putin's private army, Yevgeny Prigozhin, has been personally visiting prison camps as part of the recruitment campaign.

Romanova claims “Putin’s plan is to recruit at least 50,000 convicts and Prigozhin, who is an ex-convict himself, has already sent more than 3,000” prisoners to Ukraine such as “serial murderers, robbers and at least one cannibal."

On September 3, her team revealed that they recognised an inmate they had worked with in a clip released by Ukrainian officials of a captured Russian fighter, reports The Daily Beast.

Ruslan Vakhapov, attorney for Russia Behind Bars, commented: “Originally, Wagner grabbed mostly those convicted for homicide—Criminal Code Article #105—and robbery—Article 162. But now, their fishing net takes everybody in, including man-eaters. So far we know of one case of recruitment among Russian cannibals.

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“I just spoke with the wife of a serial killer convicted in Kostroma. He was supposed to spend five more years behind bars, but Wagner had freed him, so the wife was terrified he might [come back] and attack her for filing for divorce.”

Ramanova added: “Pretty much all murderers we have on our watch have been recruited and they die like flies in Ukraine.

"Out of the first 42 convicts recruited in the first group, only three survived, out of the second group of 66 convicts, only six returned, including one who had lost his arm. "


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