Putin ‘supplying Hamas with NATO weapons captured in Ukraine’, Ukraine claims

Ukraine officials claim Russia has supplied NATO weapons, captured in the war, to the terrorist organisation Hamas.

As well as accusing them of corruptly selling the weapons to the terrorist group, they also alleged Moscow has staged campaigns to discredit Kyiv. They dubbed it a “campaign to discredit Ukraine in the Middle East”.

According to reports, the accusations were made by Dmitry Medvedev. Medvedev is the deputy to Vladimir Putin on the Russian security council and an ex-president of Russia.

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Ukrainian military intelligence, headed by Lt-Gen Kyrylo Budanov, said: “The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine informs that the Russian GRU [military intelligence] has already transferred captured weapons made in the USA and EU countries to Hamas terrorists. The next step, according to the Russians’ plan, should be false accusations of the Ukrainian military of selling Western weapons to terrorists on a regular basis.”

Kyiv called it a “campaign to discredit Ukraine in the Middle East.” Officials added: “The aggressor state Russia is using the attack of Hamas terrorists on the State of Israel for a large-scale provocation against Ukraine.”

The campaign “is aimed at discrediting the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the complete cessation of military assistance to our state from Western partners”.

Medvedev posted on his Telegram channel: “Well, NATO friends, have you finished your game? Weapons transferred to the neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine are actively used in Israel.”

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He warned: “After all, before, the corrupt Ukrainian authorities traded everything they got. They stole gas and oil, food, materials. They stole everything that was bad.

“It will only get worse. Expect missiles, tanks, and soon planes from Kiev on the black market.”

The Russian GRU was responsible for the notorious poisoning of its former spy Sergei Skripal with nerve agent novichok in Salisbury in the UK.

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