Putin’s crazy love life from erotic cleaner to Russia’s ‘most flexible woman’

Vladimir Putin notoriously hates to be questioned on his personal life, especially when it comes to the women in his life.

The Russian leader's reluctance to openly talk about his relationships since his split from long-term wife Lyudmila, have only increased rumours of alleged girlfriends and secret children.

Putin first met Lyudmila while she was a flight attendant and were introduced by mutual friends.

According to Putin’s biography, he enjoyed “life as a bachelor” but his now ex-wife changed all that with their marriage lasting 30 years.

The former KGB agent also has two daughters, Maria and Katerina, and was reportedly a loving father, according to Lyudmila.

However, during their long marriage, rumours in the Moscow tabloids claimed he had other women during that time.

In 1999, an independent investigative publication called Proekt made a claim that Putin had an affair with a woman named Svetlana Krivonogikh.

The claims about her were denied by the Kremlin and caused Proekt media founder Roman Badanin to close the publication down.

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Ms Krivonogikh, who was reportedly a student and a cleaner before meeting Putin, is now a multimillionaire famous for a nightclub that has erotic shows.

Reports by the Mail suggest neighbours of hers heard the fortune came from someone called "daddy"..

In her tenties, she would accompany Putin on journeys in the late 90s before the relationship came to an end when the Russian President moved on to an athlete.

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It is also believed that Ms Krivongh’s daughter Elizaveta is Putin’s child with her born in 2003.

Elizaveta, who goes by the name Luiza on Instagram, never shows her face after she cleansed her profile after people believed she drew a resemblance to her alleged father Putin.

However, Putin moved on from Elizaveta’s mother and is rumoured to have started dating former Olympic gymnast Alina Kabayeva, who was once called Russia's "most flexible woman".

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Rumours speculated that Putin and Ms Kabayeva had been seeing each other since 2008, several years before his divorce from Lyudmila in 2013, which went through officially the following year..

According to Page 6, his mistress is allegedly hiding in Switzerland with their four young children, which are believed to be Putin’s.

The two have never confirmed they are dating, but they have been pictured together on many occasions, including wearing wedding rings in Sochi in 2014.

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A source to new outlet Page Six reveals Putin has two twin daughters and two boys with Ms Kabayeva.

When questioned why he does not talk about his personal life, Putin said: “I have a private life in which I do not permit interference. It must be respected.

“I have always reacted negatively to those who with their snotty noses and erotic fantasies prowl into others’ lives.”

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However, on one occasion in 2014, he answered positively about his love life and confirmed there is someone he loves, especially after the reporter confessed her aunt's friends have a thing for him.

“Everything is just fine, please don't worry,” he said, reports the Independent.

“A friend of mine, a dignitary from Europe, asked me recently: do you have love in your life? Well yes, there is someone I love, and people love me back. Everything is just fine.”

He then ended the conversation by telling the reporter: “Say hi to your aunt’s friends.”

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