Putin’s frenzied hunt for soldiers as Russia runs out of men to replace war dead

Russia's despotic President Vladimir Putin is panicking to fill his depleted invading army, a new intelligence report has claimed.

From the start of his invasion until today (January 31), Russia has seen 127,000 troops killed in action, with another 328,500 wounded so badly they can no longer fight.

Adding in 1,000 prisoners of war, it brings Russian losses to around 511k, according to Minusrus.com.

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In total, Putin has around 900,000 men at his disposal – but has reportedly already used 56.8% of those.

And a new report has now claimed he is scrambling to replace the huge losses.

New intelligence analysis states: “The Russian leadership highly likely continues to search for ways to meet the high number of personnel required to resource any future major offensive in Ukraine, while minimizing domestic dissent.

“On January 22 2023, media reported that Russian border guards were preventing dual passport-holding Kyrgyz migrant workers from leaving Russia, telling the men that their names were on mobilization lists.

“Separately, on January 23 2023, Russian presidential spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that the decree on ‘partial mobilization’ continues to remain in force, claiming the decree remained necessary for supporting the work of the Armed Forces.

“Observers had questioned why the measure had not been formally rescinded.

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“Russian authorities are likely keeping open the option of another round of call-ups under the ‘partial mobilization.”

The Kremlin has refused to accurately report its losses on the battlefield since the invasion began, with figures released to the public coming from the Ukrainian side.

Around six months into the invasion, Putin forcibly called up another 300,000 troops – but in reality less than 100k actually signed up due to refusals and masses of Russians fleeing the country just minutes after Vladimir Putin took to the airways to make the shocking announcement.

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