Putin’s pal names locations Kinzhal missiles could strike if UK joins war

A Putin ally has said that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in Whitehall, military bases and "other decision-making centres" in the country would be targeted by deadly Kinzhal missiles if the UK joined the Russia Ukraine war.

Russian journalist Igor Korotchenko earmarked the locations during a recent appearance on Russian-state television.

He, and other pro-Putin talking heads have used state-run media to issue threats as to what would happen in the event that the UK and other Western countries step up their support for Ukraine further than sending military aid.

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Footage of the TV discussion was translated and posted to Twitter by BBC journalist Francis Scarr yesterday (Monday, August 22).

"Russia doesn't desire or want war with the U.K. But if British soldiers land in Ukraine and engage in combat against the Russian armed forces, we reserve the right to resort to any possible action," said Korotchenko.

If any NATO country sends troops to Ukraine, he said, it would give the Kremlin "the right to respond in any way, including preventative strikes."

He said that "there's no need" for preventative nuclear strikes, instead advocating for hypersonic Kinzhal missiles.

In March, Vladimir Putin deployed deadly hypersonic missiles in Ukraine for the first time ever.

The Kremlin had previously branded the weapon, which carries a conventional or nuclear warhead, “unstoppable”.

Honing in on specific targets, Korotchenko said that Whitehall – where British leaders "make plans and are designing a war against Russia" could be hit.

He said civilians would not be a target, but it's unlikely they would not be caught up in the madness if a missile hit the central London site.

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The second location targeted would be against British military bases, he said.

The Putin puppet said this is where nuclear weapons are being stored by Army chiefs. Lastly, he said Russia would target "other decision-making centres" in London, without specifying where.

"This is not a threat," Korotchenko said, adding: "This is a preventative right to self-defence, which we must exercise without fail should Britain really decide to fight us."

His remarks were in response to reports that Warrant Officer Paul Carney said that British soldiers need to be "physically fit for operations" in order "to meet the threat from Russia" in a column for Soldier magazine, according to the Kyiv Post.


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