Putin’s sex-mad gymnast lover sparks marriage rumours after ‘wedding ring’ pic

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Vladimir Putin's sex-mad gymnast lover has sparked rumours that the two are married after a picture emerged of her wearing what appears to be a wedding ring.

Alina Kabaeva, 38, resurfaced in Moscow earlier this week and was photographed at a junior rhythmic gymnastics rehearsal, marking her first public appearance in weeks.

Trainer Ekaterina Sirotina shared pictures from the event on Instagram, despite a reported ban on images from inside the rehearsal by the Kremlin.

In the picture she can be seen sporting a ring on her right hand's ring finger.

In Russia people wear their wedding rings on their right hands, unlike in the UK where wedding rings are worn on the left hand.

It has prompting suspicions that the former gymnast is now married to the Russian president, the Daily Mirror reports.

Speculation about Putin and Kabaeva's relationship is not new as it has also been claimed the couple have children together.

The photos have also sparked speculation that she had used the same cosmetic surgeon as Putin amid claims of Botox and fillers.

Russian-language tabloids also highlighted that Kabaeva's face had changed while she was out of the public eye.

Sources in Lugano, Switzerland, where she had been in hiding, had previously told Bulgarian tabloid site 24 Chasa that it is known Kabaeva is there and that everyone who knows her and her children has sworn to keep their location secret.

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Her movements have been continued to be highly scrutinised as the Swiss government has faced demands to add her to the list of sanctioned people.

The Swiss government however said on March 20 that there was no information that she was in the country.

Political scientist Valery Solovey has previously speculated she could be in an underground city "equipped with the latest science and technology" in Siberia along with Putin.

Solovey said in a recent interview: "I strongly doubt Alina Kabaeva was hiding in Switzerland.

“According to my information, she’s been in the Russian Federation, in an absolutely secure location. I have no doubt the Russian president will do everything possible and even impossible to secure his family.

“Should they need to be abroad, it definitely won’t be Switzerland.… Right now, they are safe in Russia, as far as I know."

The facility in the Altai Mountains is intended to house Russian survivors in the event of Armageddon.

Observers have previously spoken of a high-voltage line connected to a 110-kilovolt substation and ventilation points near the mountain, which would be sufficient to keep a small town running.

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