Quality Street could shrink its tub by THREE sweets this Christmas

Quality Street could shrink its tub by an average of THREE sweets this Christmas

  • Toffee pennies, fudges and caramel swirls are among the chocolates to reduce
  • But orange crunches will increase, with an extra one in the average tub or tin
  • Since 2013 the average weight of a Quality Street box has dropped by a fifth 

The classic Quality street tub could lose an average of three chocolates this year with some of the nation’s most-loved festive favourites dropped, new analysis reveals.

In total there are 62 chocolates in the 2022 edition, compared to 65 last year.

While the average tub weighed 1,100g in 2009, it weighs just 620g for this festive season.

Since 2013 when tubs were introduced instead of heavier tins, the weight of the tubs has reduced by a fifth, according to The Sun.

This is a reduction of around 16 chocolates in the average box. Among the chocolates to lose out this year are caramel swirls, milk chocolate blocks, fudge and toffee pennies.

Although the number of chocolates in each tub of Quality Street has reduced, the price has remained steady at around £5 in most supermarkets. 

Four chocolates in Quality Street tubs will see their number go down by one on average, while orange crunches will see their number rise by one

Quality is a Christmas classic and tubs tend to sell for around £5 in most supermarkets

Each box will still contain its 11 different types of sweets, but on average there will be one less of each of these festive favourites, making for some tense post-Christmas dinner moments.

But in good news for some chocolate fans, there will be one more orange crunch in the average tub than last year.

Each box contains roughly a third each of fruity sweets, fudges and toffees and nuts, caramels and chocolates.

In total, each tub is designed to hold an average of 600g of unwrapped chocolates this Christmas.

Although larger tins of Quality Streets are available at some stores, these will cost around £10. 

Those with particular preferences can still head to John Lewis to create their own custom tin, which allows customers to select their favourite chocolates up to 1,200g – but at a price of £17.

However customers who already have a personalised tin can return to the store to refill for just £10. 

The latest slimming down of the beloved Christmas selection comes after Nestle announced plans to ditch its brightly coloured wrapping in order to become more environmentally friendly. 

A Nestle spokesperson said: ‘Each year we introduce a new Quality Street range with formats, sizes, weights and RRPs based on a range of factors including the cost of manufacturing, ingredients and transport and the preferences of our customers and consumers.

‘Final prices are at the discretion of individual retailers.’

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