Queen snubs Epsom Derby for 2nd time in 70 years as it won’t be ‘traditional’

The Queen will not attend the Epsom Derby as Covid restrictions have ruined the tradition, royal sources claim.

Royal sources said the Queen had decided to watch the race on television because it will not be a "traditional Derby day" despite spectators being allowed back into the grounds.

Reports say the crowd will be limited to just a quarter of its usual size in ticketed areas and the famous hill, where up to 100,000 people normally stand to watch the race, will be closed.

With events are continuing to operate with limitations on spectators, sources believe it played a role in her decision to not attend.

One source told The Telegraph: "It's a Derby, but it's not a traditional Derby Day. It's not going to be what it normally is so the Queen has decided she would rather watch it at home."

According to the Telegraph's royal experts, Camilla Tominey and Gordon Rayner, the monarch will also miss the Royal Ascot for the same reason later this month.

Last year, the Ascot was held behind closed doors, which was the first time the Queen had missed it in her entire reign.

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The monarch, who is known to be a huge fan of Ascot and has won around £7m in prize money from horse racing over three decades, watched the event from Windsor Castle and sent a message to others enjoying the sport.

Her Majesty wrote: "I send my best wishes to the thousands of racing professionals and enthusiasts who will join me in celebrating this year's Royal Ascot.

"In these challenging times, we are once again delighted to welcome the best horses and jockeys from across the world and pay tribute to those who have helped make this race meeting possible.

"This year Ascot will feel different for many, as it is so often a chance for friends, families, and colleagues to gather together and enjoy a shared passion.

"I am sure, however, that with the valiant efforts of the organisers, owners, trainers, and stable staff, it will remain one of Britain's finest sporting occasions and a highlight of the racing calendar.

"To everyone attending Royal Ascot, in person or virtually, I hope you have a most enjoyable and unique week of racing."

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