Queen to FaceTime royals in Covid-19 lockdown and use ‘secret Facebook account’

Forget the pomp and ceremony, the Queen will – like millions of Brits – turn to Facebook and FaceTime during the coronavirus lockdown, a royal expert has told Daily Star Online.

The Queen last week fled her Buckingham Palace home in central London for Windsor Castle as the UK went into lockdown over the Covid-19 crisis gripping her nation.

She went into isolation with her husband Prince Philip, 98, before it later emerged Prince Charles had tested positive for the virus after coming down with “minor symptoms”.

It was then later announced that Charles had met the Queen on March 12, but the earliest the Prince could have been infected was March 13, allaying fears for the monarch.

But the Queen is now continuing to stay in isolation along with the rest of the country and, like millions of people across Britain, might struggle with the same four walls every day for three weeks – even royal palace-sized walls.

Only a royal commentator has revealed one way the Queen will plough on like a typical Brit – TV, Facebook and FaceTime.

Her Majesty may be a stickler for tradition, but she also has a modern streak in her as she not only owns a laptop, iPhone and iPad, but she has some pretty modern apps on them too.

She has even been trained how to use her gadgets by her grandchildren, Peter and Zara Phillips – who are Princess Anne’s children.

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Her phone is apparently kept fully charged at all times by her personal assistant and dresser, Angela Kelly, and is an ultra-slip model with a camera.

But even more bizarrely, the Queen is also said to have a secret Facebook account, according to author Brian Hoey.

Also, because she has an iPhone, it will also feature the FaceTime app which comes standard with the Apple product.

And it is these apps which commentator Brittani Barger, deputy editor at Royal Central, reckons Her Maj could well be using during her spare time in isolation.

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She firstly tells Daily Star Online: “I'd say the Queen is staying busy in isolation with her red box and still being monarch!

“As we know, she's still holding her weekly audiences with the Prime Minister – just via phone for the time being!

“She will be keeping up with all the latest news regarding COVID-19 and how it is impacting her people in the UK and throughout the Commonwealth.”

But Brittani then adds: “It has been reported that the Queen has an iPad and smartphone….and even texts.

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“So I'd say she's keeping in touch with family through text, phone calls and some FaceTime! I'm sure it's a nice way for her to see her great grandchildren right now.

“I'd say the Queen is also spending some time reading and watching some television.

“It's even been said in the past that she has a secret Facebook account, so who knows! She could be like many of us scrolling our Facebook timelines to pass the time!”

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