Queens karaoke bar shuttered for third time in a month over COVID-19 violations

They’re really causing treble.

A Queens karaoke joint was busted early Sunday for flouting New York’s coronavirus laws — for the third time in a month, authorities said.

New York City Sheriff’s Office deputies rushed WeGo KTV on Union Street and Northern Boulevard in Flushing around 2:40 a.m. and found some 40 people hiding inside, many without face masks.

The revelers were escorted out and deputies handed out masks before shuttering the business, the sheriff’s office said.

At least 13 people, including two managers, were issued numerous summonses for violating safety regulations regarding social distancing and indoor dining amid the pandemic.

Deputies, acting on a tip that the joint was breaking COVID-19 laws yet again, had set up surveillance outside the establishment at around 9 p.m. on Saturday — and saw 20 people going inside between 9:45 p.m. and around midnight before they raided the bar.

An employee at the sing-along spot had been letting patrons in through the front door and then locking it behind them, meaning they wouldn’t have been able to escape in the event of a fire or other emergency, the sheriff’s office said.

In addition to the large group of partiers, deputies also found wine, beer and liquor stashed in karaoke rooms and storage spaces — despite the fact that the bar had its liquor license pulled last month.

Inspectors visiting on Sept. 4 — following several 311 complaints about loud music — found six patrons in the lobby and a crowd of more than 100 on the third floor and pulled the establishment’s license.

Two people were arrested for possession of ketamine and were each issued criminal court summonses.

But that didn’t stop WeGo KTV from keeping the party going. On Sept. 19, deputies said they discovered 75 people inside the joint, including many who were drinking, smoking and not wearing masks.

Authorities also found party rooms filled with booze and food, plus an inventory of alcohol, 23 packs of untaxed cigarettes and three bladed weapons.

Two people were arrested during that raid on a slew of charges, including breaking coronavirus rules, and then released after being issued desk appearance tickets.

The sting on Sunday marked at least the city’s sixth in under a month against a karaoke bar for COVID-19 violations — four more have been raided in Flushing, including the The Platinum Lounge on Friday night, and another in Borough Park, Brooklyn.

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